The Best Interior Paint Colors for Small Bedrooms

November 19, 2014

You should feel relaxed in your bedroom. Merely walking into it should make you feel peaceful. Color is a big part of that but remember it’s all subjective. While color psychology suggests that pale blues should be relaxing and bright reds should be stimulating, your own preferences will always be more important when you’re choosing bedroom paint colors.

small bedroom colors

But let’s talk in generalities. Bedroom wall colors are more than just decorative. As mentioned above, color can influence the way we feel as well as the way we perceive a space. That makes color an extremely important consideration when you’re dealing with a smaller (or just seriously small) bedroom. Here are some tips to help you find the best colors for your small bedroom:

1. Obviously if you’re selling, your goal should be to choose interior paint colors for the bedroom that make the space look as large as possible. In that case, shades of white or off white (e.g., cream, ivory, pearl, or even light gray) will create a sense of space in the bedroom. And a somewhat brighter white ceiling will create the illusion of height.

small bedroom color ideas

2. In your own bedroom, choose serene colors to promote sleep – think lighter, soothing shades of blue or green like sky or sage. More exciting shades of these colors can make a small space feel practically claustrophobic so if you love them, balance them with a crisp white ceiling, doors, and molding.

small bedroom decor

3. Calming colors are especially important in rooms where the bed takes up most of the available floor space. You want your small bedroom to feel cozy – especially if it’s a guest bedroom – not like the walls are closing in around you (even if they are). Be careful of stark whites, which can make a small bedroom feel cold and clinical.

small bedrom accent wall

4. An accent wall is a great way to incorporate a favorite bold color or even a pattern using wallpaper. A deep shade or stimulating pattern can actually elongate a room, making it feel larger. Choose a color scheme that treats the accent wall as the focal point of the room and decorate around that.


small bedroom paint colors

5. Stop worrying about the fact that your small bedroom is small. Remember when we said color choice is subjective? If a fiery, intense orange interior paint appeals to your aesthetic but you’re worried it will make your already small bedroom feel smaller – chill out! Unlike a living room, it’s okay for a bedroom to “feel small”. When it comes to bedrooms, cozy is good.

6. Light matters. A small bedroom with huge windows that let in plenty of daylight all day long will make a color look one way. That same color in a windowless corner room will look very different. Buy paint samples and actually put them on the wall before making any final decisions.



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