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Feeling Blue: Interior Painting with Sky, Turquoise, and More

June 17, 2014

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Most people reach out to interior painting companies in Massachusetts with at least some idea of what they’re looking for. But some clients need a little help. Color on the walls can be complicated when you’re looking beyond neutrals for your inspiration. There’s emotion involved. Psychology, too! Some colors are energizing and some are calming. Blue? Can be both, depending on the shade. That adds a whole other layer of complexity for anyone considering this cool but complicated color.

For instance, different people respond to blue in different ways. Many people associate blue – whether it’s on the walls or on a shirt – with optimism. It could be the associating with sunny skies! Blue can be tranquil, refreshing, and calming, too. But feeling blue isn’t at all positive. We talk about singing the blues or having the blues. In the present day, blue is considered a male color, but do a little digging and you find out that blue was once considered a feminine color!

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There’s no right or wrong way to use blue in your interior painting palette, of course. Like we said, color is very personal and you’re the one who has to live with it! But do consider some of the following points as you explore all the various shades of blue there are to choose from in the paint department (and there are MANY).

  • Rooms with dark blue walls don’t have to be big but they should be well lit – and natural light is preferable. Smaller rooms that don’t get a lot of light can feel cramped with navy or even darker walls. Contrasting a dark blue with bright white trim can give dark blue walls more presence.

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  • Be wary of accenting dark blues with bright yellows or reds, which will seem energizing at first but can grow tiresome quickly thanks to – of all things – eye strain. Softer whites and greens can tame the power of darker blues.
  • Many shades of light blue look more at home in the nursery than in the living room until they’re properly accented. Be very careful when choosing light blue paint for interior spaces like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. Light blue with natural wood trim looks beautiful.
  • Sky blue brings with it all the positive associations mentioned above, but really bright, dazzling sky blue can be a little overwhelming. You can tone it down by adding white to soften the color; just be careful you’re not inadvertently mixing it down so far you end up with baby blue.

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  • Turquoise and its softer cousin aquamarine are still trendy but typically as accent colors. However, these shades can look utterly brilliant on walls – especially when paired with black and white décor. A touch of yellow makes everything pop. Teal is another hue in this family and a lot of fun!
  • Pale blues are perfect for those who can’t decide between light blues and whites. You’ll find just a hint of blue in the palest versions, but for a little more oomph try gray blues. These make wonderful alternatives to plain grays, which can be boring.
  • Other blues to explore include periwinkle (which is close to purple), cool blues, silvery blue, slate, midnight blue, cobalt, and royal blue.

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We’d never presume to tell our clients what colors to choose, though we are happy to help with choosing interior paint colors when asked! Like we said – sometimes picking the perfect palette can be complicated. It can sometimes be very helpful to have a second set of eyes to bounce ideas off of!

At Jerry Enos Interior Painting Company, we know the right products for the job. Every Massachusetts exterior painting and interior painting project is different, and unlike other MA interior painting companies, we will always treat your house, building, or surface as one-of-a-kind. Call us for a free estimate at 978-546-6843.

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