A Note From President Jerry Enos

July 2, 2024

It’s officially summer.  It’s the time of year for friends and family, vacations and updating our homes.

If you are like many, you may be feeling the effects of difficult financial times.  We all have our own challenges and solutions may seem impossible sometimes.  Here at Jerry Enos Painting, we understand those issues.  I hear it from our staff, as well as people in the community.  You may not be able to buy a new home or do the renovations that you were planning, but maybe there’s a way we can help you modify some of your goals and bring you the happiness you deserve in these tough times.  

We have always provided quality craftsmanship with attention to every detail.  For those of you who have worked with me before you know that I strive to provide undivided attention to your painting needs and offer solutions when unexpected challenges have arisen.

For those of you who have not worked with me before, there may be some suggestions I can offer to help you refresh your home, at a cost that you’re comfortable with, to help ease some of the stressors you may be experiencing.  For example, instead of remodeling your entire kitchen, we can refresh your cabinets to give it a brand-new feel.

We at JEP are committed to our community and try to provide the utmost in professional services, as well as compassion and understanding, for everyone’s circumstances. 

If you have some ideas and would like our professional guidance please give us a call.



Jerry Enos

jerry enos

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