Exterior Painting

Exterior house painting is an investment in your home that goes beyond curb appeal. Here in New England, your home’s outer walls are exposed to the harshest of elements – ice and snow in the wintertime, heat and humidity in the summer, and wind and rain in the fall and spring. Protecting your home starts with the application of high quality exterior paint designed to withstand the ravages of weather and the damaging effects of salt, moss, and mold. At Jerry Enos Painting, we have spent years researching the paint products that not only look good, but also last, and we bring these to every exterior house painting job we undertake.

If you want both beauty and functionality, hire Jerry Enos and his crew. The exterior of our house looks great from all angles and it’s well-protected from the weather. They use high-quality paint, prep thoroughly, and paint carefully. The results speak for themselves. Highly recommended.

– Soula Stefanopoulos

Expert Preparation Is Part of the Package

A superior exterior house painting job begins with preparation, which is why Jerry Enos Painting does more than just slap on a few coats. Whether your job is in MA, NH, or elsewhere in New England, our team arrives ready to prep your home for a perfect finish. Pressure washing and manual brushing and scraping ensure that flaking paint and primer are removed so new paint will adhere strongly to your shingles or siding, shutters, and trim. Areas affected by moss or mold may be spot treated, because a clean surface is a protected surface. Finally, we do everything possible to keep windows, light fixtures, and landscaping free of paint splatters by taping and covering. Only then do we prime and apply the paint that will bring out your home’s innate charm.

We Treat Your Home Like Our Home

A truly professional exterior painting contractor will always treat your home like his own, and that kind of ownership is part of our core philosophy. We stake our reputation on not only the finished product, but the kind of customer service we offer during the job. When you have questions, we’re here to answer them. When you expect us on site, our team is there – and when we go home for the evening, your worksite will be clean and organized. When you work with Jerry Enos Painting of Massachusetts, you can be sure you are getting the most value for your dollar with no sacrifice in quality of service.

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