Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen makeovers don’t have to be costly or a hassle. We mean it. Yes, a full kitchen remodel, or even a supposedly simple cabinet refacing project, can mean eating out for weeks, spending tens of thousands of dollars, and a whole lot of mess, but there’s a better way. Would you believe us if we said a kitchen update can be a breeze? Kitchen cabinet repainting is the hot new way to rejuvenate your kitchen, and all it takes is the right kind of paint plus the help of the expert painting professionals on the Jerry Enos Painting team.

Everything looks great and the process was also great – from the time I contacted you to the final clean-up. High praise to Paulo especially; he answered the few questions I had, but I got the feeling he would have answered 100 questions if I had them. And he clearly kept the process rolling along. Everyone on your crew was great – as unobtrusive as possible and very respectful of our house and space.

– Gail

A Full Kitchen Refresh on a Budget

When you work with our team, your worn out, stained, tired-looking kitchen cabinets are given new life and new color. What does your dream kitchen look like? With paint, you can brighten your kitchen, modernize your cooking area, coordinate with new appliances, or change your existing color scheme. White is the traditional favorite for New England kitchen cabinets, but we’ve worked with clients who’ve updated their kitchens with turquoise, gray, and even purple. Anything goes when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets!

Kitchen Cabinet Repainting Takes More than Just Paint

Our team won’t simply show up at your MA, NH, or RI home with brushes in hand when you come to us for kitchen cabinet repainting. First, we prep by removing all of your cabinet doors and drawers – and that includes hardware. Once that’s done, your kitchen cabinets are treated to a full cleaning, stripping, and sanding before the primer goes on and a specialty top coat is applied. Some people are wary of kitchen cabinet repainting because they’re afraid of chipping, but we understand which products are hard-wearing enough for kitchens so you’ll be able to enjoy your cabinets for years to come.

New Hardware? Why Not!

We can help you create a harmonious look and feel in your newly painted kitchen by working with you to choose and install all new hardware in whatever finish works best. New handles and knobs will complete your update, and they will only add as much expense to the project as your budget allows.

At Jerry Enos Painting of Massachusetts, we believe that word of mouth is the best advertising around so we do everything we can to make painting kitchen cabinets and other interior painting projects great choices for updating your home’s look. Call 978-546-6843 or email for a free estimate today and you will soon see why we are consistently recommended by past kitchen cabinet repainting clients.