Interior Painting

Color is the key to expressing personality in a home, and that’s not all that color can do. Your home’s interior walls are the first step in personalizing and beautifying your spaces because the paint colors you choose form the basis of each room’s palette. There’s nothing like interior house painting when it comes to bringing a fresh new look to your décor! What do you want your home to say? How do you want it to feel? Jerry Enos Painting works with clients in MA and NH to choose interior paint colors that not only bring out the beauty of bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, and foyers, but also change the way they make people feel.

Interior House Painting with a Focus on Color

Most painting companies focus solely on the physical aspects of painting. While the Jerry Enos Painting team is strongly committed to craftsmanship in every interior house painting job we undertake, we also recognize that color selection is a very personal process.

That’s why we work with a professional color consultant on every interior house painting job (whether residential or commercial painting) to help you create a color palette that makes your decorating dreams reality. With a fresh coat of paint, drab rooms become exciting. Dark rooms become brighter and airier. The right color can even make a small room seem big. There’s no limit to what color can do!

The Right Products for Your Interior Painting Project

How you use a room matters when you’re choosing interior paint, and our experts can steer you toward the paint products that will stand up to your needs. The paint in your kitchen, for instance, needs to stand up to cooking splatters and a busy hallway needs to hold up under high traffic, while the paint in your formal living room or office won’t see the same level of wear. A room that gets full sun for most of the day may need an entirely different product to avoid fading. Bathrooms present their own challenges. But in every case, making sure that you get the color you want and the durability you need is our way of guaranteeing that you will recommend us to your friends and colleagues.

All painting companies aren’t created equal, so be sure you’re working with a painting contractor who oversees a team of talented, knowledgeable, and respectful professionals. Your paint will always go on clean, and your home will be protected during each step in the painting process. Jerry Enos Painting only hires the best because we truly believe that word of mouth is the greatest form of advertising around. Call our team at 978-546-6843 or email for a free estimate and to discuss the specifics of your MA, NH, or New England interior house painting project today!

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We just got to the house in Rockport for the first time since you painted it. It’s beautiful! Not just the craftsmanship, but also the beautiful handling of all the furniture in the house. Everything is back in the perfect place, with not a speck of dust. You’re an artist, thank you very much! We’ll be back!
– Steve and Rebecca

Thank you so much Jerry. You’re a real pro and it was a pleasure working with you. You and your workers were fast, efficient, hardworking, and very neat. You helped us tremendously by allowing us to make our project deadlines – not to mention my sanity is much improved! I know you had to stretch to make this happen, and it is truly appreciated. We would absolutely use you again should the need arise, and would highly recommend you. ~And to answer your question – everything turned out fantastic! I also appreciate that you left the extra paints in case we have little touch ups down the line.
– Shawna Phoenix and Family, Gloucester, MA