About Careers at Jerry Enos Painting

What we do for our clients involves so much more than prepping and painting walls. Because professional painters work closely with clients, spending time in their homes and businesses, trust and professionalism are important at every level.

The painters we choose to join our crew take health and safety seriously – whether that means their own safety, the welfare of coworkers, or the health and safety of clients. We believe quality means more than just a beautiful paint job. Our goal is to be exceptional in all we do so we not only meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations.

Your commitment won’t go unnoticed here, and we want to understand your goals. We appreciate painters who hope someday to enter management or found their own companies as much as we enjoy working with lifelong painters who are focused on finding a place where their experience will be rewarded with a steady stream of jobs.

Are you ready to grow with a successful company that is growing every year? Then please contact us for an application.


Do you want to become part of a team that takes painting as a profession seriously? At Jerry Enos Painting we believe that attention to detail, craftsmanship, hard work, and professional development are important whether you’re a foreman or a member of the crew. If you value these qualities as much as we do, we want to hear from you!

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