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The Top 2015 Color and Painting Trends

September 17, 2014

Want a glimpse of what you’ll be seeing in next year’s magazine spreads? We want to give you a taste of the color trends and décor palettes that are just warming up not but will be hot as of this coming year. Why should you read on? According to Sherwin-Williams’ National Home Design and Color Survey, 70% of homeowners plan to tackle a home-improvement project next month. Of those, almost half plan to improve their home by painting and possibly also redecorating. While being fashion forward isn’t necessarily your goal since timelessness trumps trendy every time when it comes to paint, it’s fun to see what’s out there – and you may just find yourself inspired to take your interior painting project to the next level.

Just remember, it’s all about balance. Saturating your whole home with the trendiest shades will mean it won’t be long before your house looks dated. Use trendy colors sparingly, using them alongside plenty of whites and neutrals to turn trends into long-lasting beauty. Here’s what’s hot for next year to get your creative juices flowing:

Greek Blue aka Mediterranean Blue

Whether you’re looking at the traditional blue accents found in Greek interiors and exteriors to the blue dome top churches of Santorini, this is a color that stands out in a big way. It’s rich and eye-catching, plus it’s a true all seasons color. It’s the best of all worlds: peaceful and vibrant, just as beautiful paired with pure white as with neutral grays or even pinks. Putting it on interior walls is a bold move – one you might not be ready for. Choose white walls instead and start shopping for Mediterranean blue accent pieces and furniture.

greek blue 3

greek blue 2

greek blue

1960s Shades

Retro is back. Not that it ever left. But devotees kept to the classics whereas the modish hues for 2015 are modern adaptations of 1960s favorites. We’re seeing them on the runway, all those olives and oranges. Pale gold. Poodle pink aka rosette. It’s a very exciting time to love all things vintage, whether you’re an antiques collector or you just love the revival accessories.

1960s colors trendy

1960s colors trend 2015 2

1960s colors

Pastel Palettes

It’s the late 1980s all over again – if there are old LA Gears in the back of your closet it’s time to haul them out. Today’s pastels are not quite so innocent. Think vivid, like flamingo pink and aqua. It’s a soft and relaxing palette but never boring – especially if you can muster up the courage to pair pastels with bright neons!

modern pastels 2015 trends 2

modern pastels 2015 trends

Gray as a Neutral

This hot neutral is the perfect backdrop in the form of interior paint because it lets accent pieces stand out without sacrificing its own personality. If soft grays aren’t dynamic enough for you try accentuating lighter gray walls with dark charcoal windowsills and pale gray in your décor.

neutral grays 2015 color trends

gray as neutral - 2015 color trends

Classic Olive Green

Everything from kitchen cabinets to bedroom walls are going green thanks to gorgeous new shades of olive paint that are anything but stodgy. Tip: keep it warm and saturated, not cool and ethereal. Olive’s impact as an interior paint color comes from its richness. Right now our eyes are reading it as organic, which makes it just as much of a neutral as the up-to-date grays. What do you pair it with? Anything!

2015 color trends - olive

olive neutral 2015 color trends

Bold Color Mixing

Go big or go home might be the motto for 2015 interior painting projects. Maybe you’re not ready for something bright and flashy on your living room walls, but how about playing with a vivid, saturated color palette in an entryway or powder room? Think gorgeous royal purples, candy pinks, vivid greens and turquoise and mints – all together! Anything goes right now as long as you’re keeping things fresh with a palette-cleansing (pun intended) dose of clean simple white.

1960s colors trend 2015

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