5 Exterior Makeovers to Boost Aesthetics

5 Exterior Makeovers to Boost Aesthetics 

August 4, 2023

We often discuss on our blog how to use paint when trying to boost curb appeal. What if you aren’t selling your home but would still like to make it more aesthetically pleasing to view from the exterior? What type of makeover improvements could you complete on your home to achieve this? 

If your home is looking a little worn or perhaps dated, there are a few ways to instantly renew the appearance with power-washing, painting, swapping out fixtures, adding some landscaping, and more. Here are just five of the more transformative ways to improve the overall aesthetics of your home without breaking the bank. 

#1 Exterior Power Washing 

Professional power washing can take a home’s exterior, including the siding, roof, walkways, and hardscape, from dark, dirty, and downright grimy to fresh and new all in an afternoon. 

Over the course of the vastly different seasons in New England, our homes face an onslaught of dirt, debris, pollen, salty air, and chemicals from de-icing of roads. These particles can get stuck to the exterior of our homes, cause streaks on our roofs, and make our walkways look old and worn. A power washing, conducted by a professional who knows how to use pressurized water and cleaning detergent, can make your home look clean and new. 

#2 The Power Of Paint

If power washing cleans off all the grime,  painting your home’s exterior can completely transform the appearance of a home. Choosing a new color palette, accent color, or a different shade can take a home that has signs of wear and tear to a whole new level. 

If your home has bubbling, peeling, or cracking paint, you may want to add paint to your project list after a good power washing. This project can rejuvenate your home for years to come! 

#3 Update Fixtures 

How old are the numbers, lights, and railings that lead to your front door? A simple swap out of your dated house numbers, welcome sign, or entryway light sconces can immediately give your home the facelift that it so desperately needs. These cost-effective changes can make a world of difference in lighting your home and making it look more modern. 

#4 Add Landscaping 

A well-manicured lawn with mature plantings can change the entire look of a home. Add some new hardscape with a stone walkway to your front door.  Then add greenery/foliage that balances the exterior of the home, and don’t forget about a pop of color with annual or perennial flowers that will make your home look well cared for all year round. 

#5 Front Porch Decor 

If your ultimate goal is to make your home look more, warm, and inviting, then taking better care of your front entryway should be a top priority. 

Depending upon the size of your entryway, you may be able to add some seating where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book, or add some decor pieces such as a planter, rocker, or welcome sign that will make your home look that much nicer to passersby or visitors. Don’t forget to include seasonal decor that can be swapped out every few months. 

Check out our portfolio page which can help provide a bit of inspiration on how to paint and transform your home for improved aesthetics. 


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