3 Ways Exterior Paint Can Help Your Home Sell

July 14, 2021

The housing market is absolutely on fire currently, with Massachusetts homes selling quickly and above market listing price. If you are planning to put your home on the market, consider how exterior paint projects prior to listing can help boost your home’s listing price and cause it to fly off the market in a matter of days. 

Exterior paint can transform a home from looking drab and dated, to fresh and new. This is exactly the impression you want home buyers to have when they pull up to the curb of your property or view your home for the first time online. 

Painting has a few ways to increase the attraction of your home and make it sell just that little bit faster. Here’s how…

Victorian home

#1 Curb Appeal 

Realtors can not overstate the importance of having your home look impressive the first time a potential buyer views it, whether that is through a virtual tour or by physically being at the open house. 

Homeowners only have one chance to make that first positive impression and the first thing most buyers see is the exterior of the home. If that exterior is worn and looking like it could use a fresh coat of paint, it may detract from the home all together. Make sure that first glance is a positive one.

Statistics gleaned from real estate agents confirm these findings.  “76% of realtors surveyed said that improving curb appeal was the best thing homeowners could do to boost a home’s marketability, and another 95% of agents confirmed that putting effort into cleaning and polishing the exterior can bring more attention and a higher value to that home.”

#2 One Less Thing To Fix

Home buyers view each listing under a lens of, “what will we have to fix upon moving in.” If the list of repairs and upgrades is long for your home, they may choose to bypass your home in lieu of something that will be less of a fixer upper. 

An exterior paint project can seem like an enormous item to fix when buying a home. Current homeowners can choose to paint prior to sale to boost their chances of having multiple offers … above asking price! Completing an exterior painting project may make your home not only figuratively look more attractive, but literally as well. 


#3 Boost the Home Value with Paint 

According to data from the real estate company Opendoor, exterior painting on average yields a $2,176 increase in value of a home. Not only does the paint project pay for itself in ROI, but may even be able to list your home at a higher price due to the fact that it looks well kept and freshly painted. 

With the housing market on fire right now, make sure your home is picture perfect whether that means a fresh coat of paint or staging to sell. Home buyers will be able to see the value in your home and leap at the chance to put an offer in. 


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