What To Do With A Bonus Room? 

November 23, 2021

Do you have a bonus room in your home, maybe above your garage or in your attic, that needs some help defining its function and aesthetic design? You’re not alone. 

Many homeowners don’t know quite what to do with these extra rooms as they are often too big to transform into a single bedroom and can sometimes have a challenging layout making design a problem. 

At Jerry Enos Painting, we often discuss main rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms that can benefit from a redesign and a transformative paint project. It’s about time we take a closer look at some options that may help with the function and appearance your bonus room. 

bonus room

What Is A Bonus Room? 

The word “bonus” has several meanings including: a gift, reward, or something extra. These are all good things, so a bonus room must be a positive thing as well. 

In terms of a bonus room in a house, the meaning is similar in that it is an extra room that is not designated with a specific purpose in mind. It has the capability to become whatever you want it to become from a home office or gym, to a hobby or crafting room. 

These bonus rooms are often located over a garage, in an attic, or in a basement. They are often spacious and are an attractive addition to any home. They can be extremely helpful to families that are looking for that extra living space that they don’t want to carve out of the main living areas. 

Functions for Bonus Rooms 

As we mentioned above, bonus rooms can serve many functions. Here are a few ideas in case you are still deciding on what to make of your extra space. 

  • Home office
  • Fitness room
  • Friend hangout
  • Sleepover room 
  • Gaming room
  • Homework space
  • Playroom for children
  • Home theater
  • Pool table or other large gaming piece area

Depending upon the layout of your bonus room and the amenities that are attached to it you could get seriously creative with how you use the space. For instance, if the room has direct access to the outside and has an attached bathroom or kitchenette, you could use this space for a home business where clients could come and go without having to enter the main house. 

If the bonus room is attached to a home and near a pool, it could serve as a changing area or pool house with indoor seating and conservation areas. The possibilities are endless! 


Design and Paint 

We wouldn’t be a professional painting business if we didn’t have some ideas on how to design and use paint to help transform your bonus room space. 

If your bonus room is larger than you would like, try using paint to divide up the space. For instance, if you would like a homework/study space during the week and a playspace or home theater for the weekends, use paint and furnishings to differentiate the spaces. Use shelves, natural dividers, or hanging curtains to separate the space. Coordinate colors on the walls but use different hues to show that the space has different functions. 

Bonus rooms tend to have more space than regular bedrooms or living rooms. Due to this, many homeowners are looking for ways to make the space feel cozier. Choose a warmer color palette and play around with the idea of painting only up 2/3s of the wall making the ceiling feel a bit closer than many high ceilinged bonus rooms do. 

Since many bonus rooms have large expanses of space, this is the perfect room to choose larger furnishing or artwork to use up the square footage. Comfy sofas, large desks, quirky seating, or large items like a pool table or large screen tv could make for a perfect addition to these types of rooms. 

When you are ready to determine how your bonus room will function, talk to our color specialists who can assist with choosing the perfect color palette for your extra room. 


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