Master Bedroom Makeovers 

November 11, 2020

Master bedrooms are meant to be a retreat from the rest of the world, and honestly sometimes, the rest of the family. The furnishing, color choices, and layout of the space should be conducive to relaxing and finding a way to recharge your batteries, whether that means relaxing in a large soaking tub, binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, or reading a book series that you have been trying to carve out time for. Does your master bedroom evoke that relaxing spirit? If not, it may be time for a master bedroom makeover. 

Start With a Blank Slate 

If you are attempting to redecorate your master, it might be best to start with a blank slate. Consider the room empty, void of color, and start there. What color makes you feel most relaxed and “at home” in your bedroom? Visit your local Benjamin Moore dealer or talk to our color specialists about how you can incorporate that color palette into your master bedroom. 

Also consider the size of the room, lighting, window placement, and what furnishings you would want to create your ideal bedroom mood. All of this can help you design a master that you will love to use as a place to recharge. master bedroom

Choose a Color Palette

Many homeowners choose a neutral color for their bedroom when they should really be looking at a color that is personal to them. Throw out the rules about what colors you should or shouldn’t paint your master and concentrate on what makes you happy. After all, this is your personal space, that most guests will not be seeing, but rather your personal hideaway. 

Consider Natural and Artificial Lighting 

Bedrooms are often places where couples want some level of darkness for optimal sleeping and television watching. Consider what lighting needs you will require including natural and artificial light that can help with reading, dressing, and enjoying a favorite movie. Bedside lamps as well as overhead lighting can help create a cozy atmosphere to any bedroom, while room-darkening shades and curtains can help keep the light out in the early morning. master bedroom

Furniture Placement & Design

Once you have determined the color for the walls and the lighting needs for your purposes, it is time to start thinking about furniture placement and overall room design. If you have a small space, you may want to eliminate any extra chairs or shelves that cause the room to feel cramped. If you have a larger space to work with, consider making distinct focal areas such as a sitting area, reading nook, and sleeping space. Play around with the direction of the furniture and which walls it may look best against. 

Accents and Keepsakes

It’s always best to keep your bedroom as minimalist as possible. Extra knick-knacks and accent pieces make the space more personal, but it may also clutter up the space. Determine what pieces mean the most to you and how you would like to incorporate them into the room and overall design. 

Do you need help refreshing your master bedroom into a place where you can escape and relax? Talk to our color specialists today about how to create that feeling of oasis in your bedroom this year. 

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