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Painting Your Home’s Interior To Sell 

Paint is one of the most transformative ways to make your home look more welcoming, fresh, and new. We have discussed in the past the idea of curb appeal and how painting the exterior of your home can have positive impacts on the length of time your home is on the market and the price tag at which it sells.

Today we are discussing the value of painting the interior of your home before putting your property on the market. 

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Why Paint Before Selling? 

One of the key questions real estate agents face from sellers is what is the value of painting before selling? Will it really make that much of a difference in the asking price and the time the home sits on the market? Additionally, why paint if homeowners can’t really enjoy the new color for very long? 

First things first. Selling your home is not at all about you, but about pleasing the buyer. With that being the case, many real estate experts suggest doing things such as decluttering, removing personal items including all personal pictures so that the buyer can envision themselves and their furnishings in your space. 

A part of this process should include painting a neutral, light and bright color palette throughout the home. This will go a long way to helping your house sell… fast. 

The main goal of decluttering and painting a home is to present potential buyers with a “blank slate” of sorts where they can add their own personal touches. Homes with a color palette that is not appealing to a wide variety of buyers could be off putting and make potential buyers think twice about bidding on a home if they can see themselves living there. 

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Reasons to Consider Painting Your Home’s Interior Before Selling 

While there are plenty of reasons you should hire a professional to get the job done well before you put up that “For Sale” sign. Here are a few questions that may help you to decide that hiring a professional painter is the best idea.  

  • Do your wall surfaces, trim, or baseboards have visible scuffs, holes, writing, stains, and/or cracks? 
  • Does the ceiling have water stains? 
  • Does your home have a dated color scheme that makes the house look older than it really is? 
  • Are the colors in your home from a past trending color that is no longer in Vogue? 
  • Are the colors in your home dark and need some freshening up? 
  • Does the color scheme coordinate and flow from room-to-room?
  • Does your home have noticeable odors from pets, or smoking tobacco? Paint may be able to help rid the home of those odors? 
  • Does the paint show fading in rooms where the sun is shining all day? 

If your home is showing any of these signs, take your real estate agent’s advice and hire a professional painter who can get the job done efficiently and in time to get the sale sign up in your yard!