Make A Statement With White Paint 

March 17, 2021

White color palettes are considered “white hot” these days. Color experts and design professionals are seeing a major shift away from bright colors toward more understated tones in the neutral and white color families. However, when choosing a white, there are several factors to keep in mind so that you can make the statement you want with the shade you choose. 

According to a study conducted by Benjamin Moore and Ace Hardware, “nearly one-third of respondents say white is their top pick for almost every major room in their home is white.” Unfortunately, homeowners are often surprised when they head into their local hardware store to find that there is not just one shade of “white.” In fact, Benjamin Moore offers more than 150 shades of white! 

In order to avoid getting overwhelmed when standing in front of the wall of color swatches when looking for your perfect hue of white, there are some things you should consider before making your color choice. 


Consider Lighting and Direction 

Before you make a final choice on a white that you will paint your space, think about the type of light that your room has. Is it direct sunlight for a majority of the day, or is it more lit by artificial lighting such as overhead lighting or lamps? Family Handyman online suggests that, using white in Southern-facing rooms will allow for the color to look crisp and clean, whereas North-facing rooms may look a bit dingy if the white is more beige or tan. According to their color experts, “The lack of natural light in such a room may make a cool white appear drab, and a warm white dingy.” 

Examine Undertones 

Just like with any paint project, you will want to put a few samples on your walls before you make a final choice. Each hue of white may have undertones of pink, grey, beige, red, or even orange. A trick of the trade is to hold the swatch or paint sample up to a piece of white computer paper to see what tones lie beneath the white. 

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Compare the White to Your Space and Competing Colors 

When you are examining undertones you may need to also look at how the white you are choosing goes with not only the style of your home, but also the competing colors that will be in the space. Granted, white is considered a neutral tone; it should be noted if your room has many competing darker tones such as the flooring or furnishings. 

Additionally, the style of home you have should play into your final decision on a white palette. For example, if your home is ultra modern or contemporary, you can easily pull off a dazzling, bright white. If your home is more farmhouse or casual, you may need to choose one that has an undertone that coordinates with your furnishings. 

Need help choosing just the right white for your home? Contact our color specialists for help in getting started on your paint project today. 

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