Warm & Neutral Paints Making A Comeback

March 10, 2021

In the past few years, paint manufacturers and color experts have seen a shift in what Americans are preferring to see for color palettes in their homes and businesses. In recent years some of the more colorful choices such as: bright pops of colors, expressive and bold hues, and moody jewel tones were once the rage in homes across the country. Now we are seeing a move toward more creamy neutrals and colors inspired by nature. Let’s have some fun and explore a few of these new colors. 

pencils in neutral colors

What Are Considered Neutral Colors? 

According to the Spruce online, neutral means “without color.” Neutrals such as beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and shades of white appear to be without color, but in many applications these hues often have undertones. For example, many gray paints can have undertones of blue, green, purple, brown, or even pink! 

Due to the lack of a true color, neutrals are seen as one of the best canvases to create your home’s interior design upon. Think of the furnishing colors and hues of flooring you could experiment with if your walls and ceilings are a neutral backdrop. 

Spring Exterior Paint Colors on Tan Suburban Home

Why is Neutral So Popular? 

There is a reason designers commonly choose neutral walls. Warm neutrals have several advantages for homes, especially those that are looking to go on the real estate market in the coming days and weeks. 

The colors in the neutral family: 

  • Allow for textures and furnishings to take the attention of visitors, 
  • Provide mass appeal which is helpful when selling a home, 
  • Work with every style of decor from farmhouse chic to modern minimalist, 
  • Allow for easy decor changes throughout the year, and 
  • Provide the ultimate backdrop for home architectural styles that range from classic New England Cape Cod style to craftsman. 

As a Benjamin Moore dealer, we support the idea that neutral colors, such as Revere Pewter, Manchester Tan, Chantilly Lace, and Grey Owl, can be relaxing, soothing, and the perfect way to exude calm in your home. Gray, beige, white, earth tones and other neutrals dominate their bestseller list currently. Click the links to get started exploring some of these popular colors.

Try On Some Neutral 

There is no better way to find out if your room would benefit from a warm neutral backdrop than by trying a sample of one of Benjamin Moore’s Most Popular Neutrals. One of the favorite tools on the Benjamin Moore site is the “See In Room” tool where you can choose a sample room such as a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room and virtually test out what your chosen color may look like. You can even change out the trim and ceiling colors to get as close as possible to what your room will look like! 

If neutrals are your thing… great! We can help you get started on your paint project soon. If you are unsure of your color palette, let our color specialists come to the rescue and help point you in the direction your heart desires. 


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