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How Can I Refresh My Patio This Season? 

May 5, 2021

It’s been a long hard winter for all of us. Now that the weather is quickly improving, it’s time to get outdoors and prep for a full season of backyard grilling and entertaining on your patio. 

But wait. 

Have the elements made your deck and patio area look a little worse for wear? Now is the time to consider hiring Jerry Enos Painting to refresh your entertaining area with a power wash and a fresh coat of paint or stain. Read on to find out some simple ways you can update your patio or entertaining areas and bring it back to it’s previous glory. 

outdoor gazebo

Clean It Up 

Winter can be harsh in New England. Not only do we deal with low temperatures, but also harsh chemicals and salt from the roads that can combine with the snow to create a mess on your walkways and patio areas.

The first step in refreshing your patio should be a thorough clean up of any leaves, debris, branches, and salt that may be left behind from the winter. Take the time to wash off your patio furniture, your grill cover, and especially the walkways through your yard that can make for a safe and enjoyable place to relax all spring and summer. 

Give It a Power Wash

Many homeowners are fearful of power washing their deck, home or their outdoor furniture for fear that it may damage the wood or surfaces. Some try the DIY method, but we suggest getting one of our experts to power wash your walkways, decking, and the outside of your home to give it that just cleaned look. 

outdoor decking

Refinish The Deck 

If your decking looks like it needs some repairs, has warping wood, or the finish has begun to fade, this might be a good time to have our specialists refinish it before the entertaining season really kicks off. 

Our team can use a floor machine to strip the wood of dead fibers to reveal the fresh, unsullied wood underneath. Then we’ll seal it with a high quality, hard wearing clear or tinted penetrative coating that highlights the qualities of the wood itself and protects it from moisture and the elements. Your deck will be in like-new condition to start the season fresh. 

Add Some Decor

Now that your walkways, decking, and home have been cleaned and refreshed, you can start thinking about adding some fun decor like rugs, benches, planters, and patio furnishings

Some of the more popular decor that homeowners find make their space cozy and inviting include: colorful exterior rugs on the patio, planters around the perimeter for both color and privacy, new patio furniture, and a fire pit to gather around. 

Don’t forget about adding some lighting along the walkways and above the eating area for when the sun goes down and people want to continue gathering. 

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