Spring Cleaning With Power Washing 

March 30, 2020

If “grimy,” “salt-stained,” and “in need of a good cleaning,” are the ways you would describe your home’s exterior, it may be time for a spring power washing. This form of outdoor spring cleaning can be used in many places including your home’s siding, patios pavers, decking, front steps, walkways, and driveways. 

Power washing, also referred to interchangeably as pressure washing, involves  pressurized water to clean dirt, algae, and other contaminants from outdoor surfaces. This method is often used to wash large areas outside that have accumulated dirt and grime. The surfaces cleaned are typically hard and can handle the harsh spray of the pressurized water. The general idea is that the water will loosen up the grime and simply spray it away. 

There are some caveats about power washing that homeowners, who have no experience with, should be aware of. Power washing can not be used on every surface. The strength of the spray can actually harm some surfaces such as sandstone, roofing shingles, and paint that is damaged or old. The softer or more delicate the surface, the more likely you are to cause damage. Directing the spray onto one of these areas could lead to wood damage or loss of paint or wood stain. exterior painting

Why Your Home Needs Power Washing 

Throughout the year our homes, including the exterior siding, patio, decking, walkways, and driveways experience some rather harsh conditions. Snow, rain, sleet, hail, drastic changes in temperature, salty air, chemicals from the roads during winter, and all the dust and debris that naturally occurs in our atmosphere are just some of the contaminants that our exterior areas face. 

Add these things together and our exteriors deserve a thorough cleaning every spring along with our interior spring cleaning. front door

How Jerry Enos Power Washing Works 

If you are inexperienced at power washing, you may want to have a professional do the work for you, or at the very least, educate yourself about the technique and what could go wrong, even with something as benign as water. 

Pressure washing actually rejuvenates wood, concrete, vinyl, brick, and other surfaces by removing entire layers of built-up dirt and particulates, oil, gum, and other gunk. Stripping away the grunge to reveal the unsullied surface below actually protects that surface from future rot and UV damage.

Power washing is unlike conventional cleaning methods that leave behind detergents or rely on harsh chemicals to get rid of stains and grime. This water spray method can make wood and other surfaces look new and fresh. 

To get a free estimate or to set up an appointment for your home’s exterior spring cleaning via power washing, call Jerry Enos Painting or contact us online. 


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