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Decorating with Kelly Green

April 20, 2015

Green with envy? Your friends might just be if you decide to redecorate using this newly revived classic hue.

kelly green wall paint

Hollywood Regency-style patterns are back and with it bold and glamorous Kelly green.


Yet as striking as this deep green is, Kelly is also versatile. It is at home in tropical prints and beach house interiors – just add plenty of rattan.


It is gorgeous when paired with furniture and accessories inspired by the glamour of the 1930s.

kelly green chest

And in modern spaces? It stands out amid the white and black as a pop of color that really pops.

kelly green in the kitchen

Some call Kelly green preppy but we say it’s only as preppy as you want to be. It’s equal parts elegance and boldness – and very much a product of how it is paired.

kelly green stairs

When interior painting, only a touch is needed to make a big statement. Like a painted stair runner? Or maybe go the exterior route and put this gorgeous color on just your home’s front door?

kelly green exteriors

Sometimes less is more. And sometimes more is more. When you’re decorating with Kelly green, a little goes a long way. But a lot can go a whole lot farther if you’re up to the challenge.

Every Massachusetts exterior painting and interior painting project is different, and unlike other MA interior painting companies, we will always treat your house, building, or surface as one-of-a-kind. Need help choosing paint colors? We can do that with an expert eye. Call us for a free estimate at 978-546-6843.

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