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5 Reasons You Won’t Regret Hiring a Professional Painter 

April 1, 2024

Spring may feel incredibly far away with winter’s hold still on us, but in reality, it is mere weeks away! Spring to us in the painting industry means preparing for exterior painting and taking care of all those interior spaces that need a refresh. It’s our favorite time of year!

If you are thinking about taking on a painting project in the weeks ahead or as spring emerges in New England, let us remind you why hiring a professional may be in your best interest. 

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#1 – Time Savings 

Most of us live busy lives that include activities and family obligations on the weekends, not to mention full-time jobs, children, grandchildren, pets and the list could go on and on. 

The prep, painting and clean-up of said painting project takes time and patience, something many of us are short on. By hiring a professional painter and their team, your free time remains yours. That means we do all the work from start to finish including the tedious prep work such as cleaning the walls, repairing nail holes, and taking the time to cut in and paint all the little nooks and crannies that are often overlooked when planning a project. 

#2 – Safety Considerations 

Whether you are thinking about painting the exterior of your home or the cathedral ceilings inside your home, there should always be thoughts of safety. 

Professional painters have the special equipment, ladders and scaffolding to ensure that the job is completed in a timely and safe manner. Avoid falls, mistakes and messes by hiring a crew that has painted both inside and outdoor spaces. They know what they are doing and have the crew to back them up especially where safety is concerned. 

As a side note, most professional painting crews also have insurance that will cover them should an incident occur on your property. 

#3 – Experience For the Win! 

You may think that painting looks easy, but an experienced painter knows how to handle all sorts of scenarios from awkward corners and trim, to baseboards that are uneven and walls that have blemishes. Experience pays off when you want a paint project that will look professional upon completion rather than one that looks like a novice tried their hand at a DIY project. 

#4 – Color & Product Specialists 

Professional painters know their products and color schemes well. Not only will a practiced team understand how to make a stain disappear with certain products, but they can also play a role in color selection should the homeowners need assistance. With decades of experience, Jerry Enos Painters know their stuff and can help make decisions that make your space look amazing upon completion. 

#5 – Longevity of the Paint 

Novice painters tend to skip critical steps in the painting process including completing a thorough cleaning, priming and repairing surfaces for optimal adhesion of the paint product. 

Professionals do not skip steps ensuring that your walls have been prepped properly and will allow for the maximum adhesion of both primer and finish paint. The better the prep, including cleaning, repairing, sanding and priming, the longer the paint will last on your surfaces. 

Considering painting this spring? Talk to our team of professional painters who will care for your space as if it is their own. Talk to Jerry Enos Painting for a free estimate today. 


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