Color Spotlight – Energetic Orange 

February 1, 2024

Dynamic, playful, and energetic are just a few ways designers and Color Personality professionals describe our color spotlight this month – the always-optimistic orange! 

The orange color family can be found in both the natural environment and the man-made world. We see this energetic and positive color in nature during autumn on festive pumpkins, glowing trees, and in the sparkle of a fire pit. We can also find the hue in foods such as carrots, clementines, and marmalade. Most notably, orange is the shade of a golden sunset or breathtaking sunrise. 

This color’s energy and eye-catching nature has caused many to use this hue in products such as traffic cones, safety vests, construction signs and millions of product logos such as Dunkin Donuts, Home Depot, Fanta drinks, and Mastercard. It is a color that demands attention and can spark creativity. For these reasons, orange is often synonymous with dynamic energy, optimism and warmth. 

Let’s look at some of the more popular shades of orange in the Benjamin Moore collection! 

Soft Pumpkin

Soft Pumpkin 

The emotions called to mind by the color orange tend to be positive with feelings of warmth, energy and happiness. Many people link the color with Halloween, pumpkins and decor that comes along with this holiday. Benjamin Moore’s Soft Pumpkin 2166-40 elicits that same cozy, welcoming feeling. 

Soft Pumpkin is a medium orange that has a creamy feel to it and most distinctly resembles an apricot in its shade. This would be a wonderful shade in an entryway, guest room or living room. 


Benjamin Moore’s Firenze AF- 225 is a deep orange that can increase the drama in any room. It can also make a large space feel cozier and less cold. This vivid orange gives off a rosy glow that is great for southern exposures and rooms with lots of natural light. 

Peach ParfaitPeach Parfait 

If you love orange but are looking for something lighter and not as bold a choice as Firenze or Soft Pumpkin, this Benjamin Moore option may win your heart. Peach Parfait 2175-70 has a pale orange hue and a peach tone while also having a splash of pink. This shade may be perfect for a bedroom haven, a kitchen or a sunroom. 

Terra Mauve

Terra Mauve

Benjamin Moore’s Terra Mauve 105 is described by their experts as “A deep, reddened shade of burnt sienna that conveys an understated sense of luxury.” We love it because it is warm, cozy and uses just the right amount of red, orange and brown to make us feel enveloped in a welcoming hug.  

If orange is a hue you are excited about, take a closer look at all of the options Benjamin Moore offers in their Orange Family Collection. From softer earthy tones of orange to vibrant and energizing citrus colors, orange may not be a conventional choice but will be one you won’t regret. 

Whether you love an electric orange or a more subdued shade of this happy color, Benjamin Moore has hundreds of options to choose from. 


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