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Winter Painting Projects 

January 15, 2020

Ever look around your home and think it could use a paint refresh? Do you see scuff marks along the baseboards, smudges around light switches, or blemishes in the wall? Or maybe you just need to change things up and choose a new color to give a room or two a facelift? Winter is the perfect time for these types of paint projects. 

Why Winter Is A Good Time for Interior Painting 

Winter is a great time to get some interior painting projects checked off your “To Do” list. The winter weather may cause us to stay indoors, but it also means our weekends won’t be taken up with outdoor lawn chores. In addition, the dry winter air makes for optimum drying times. Meaning, that even though most people think the summer season is the best time to paint, it tends to also be humid as well. Humidity causes paint to take a longer time to cure than dry air does. 

Winter also tends to be a less busy time for professional painters. Finding availability during the winter months is more likely since exterior painting has stopped until spring warmth has returned. 

Winter Paint Ideas 

As we mentioned above, there are probably plenty of places that could use a paint refresh this winter. With the dry weather and open weekends, you may have a list of places to touch up paint or complete an entire room change in hue. 


One of the most overlooked aspects of painting a room is the trim or molding. This is especially true if the detail work will need to be sanded, scraped, and repaired. Winter is a great time to get going, room-by-room, on fixing your worn trim. 


Again, this is one area of the home that is completely ignored until a stain or mark appears. A paint refresh of the ceiling can not only make a room look new again, you could also play around with alternative paint colors that can complement or coordinate with the main color of the room. 

Entryway Makeover 

By far, the area of your home that sees the largest volume of traffic is the entryway. Guests may take their shoes off, jackets, and inevitably make marks on the walls and floors. By repainting this area of the home, it will not only appear cleaner, but can have a new appearance with a fresh new color. 


The heart of the home is a wonderful place to direct your attention this winter. Paint the cabinets, walls, or island a different color to give it a much needed facelift. We specialize in kitchens and cabinet painting, so call our experts to make your kitchen look like it had a complete overhaul, when in reality, it’s just a few coats of paint. 

Are you searching for a winter project to keep you busy this winter? Check out our portfolio page online to see some of our recent jobs. 



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