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Winter Living Room Transformation 

January 11, 2022

The holidays are long since passed and you seem to be stuck in the winter doldrums waiting for Mother Nature to shift from the colder temperatures to the more mild spring-like ones. 

If this describes you, it may be time to take on a mid-winter project that could give you a burst of energy and a little pick-me-up that can get you through these last two months of New England winter. 

It really doesn’t matter what room you pick to give a refresh to, but the room that may need it the most could be the overused living or family room that ends up being the gathering place for every birthday, anniversary, and friend hangout. 

Here are a few ideas to refresh your tired living room this winter so you can get outside once the spring reemerges. 

bright sunny room

Find A Focal Point 

Every room needs a focal point and the living room is no exception. 

Sometimes a focal point is an architectural detail such as a handcrafted fireplace mantle or cathedral ceilings, but other times a focal point is the decor you add to the room such as an oversized mirror, piece of art, or accent wall. 

Find your focal point and build the room around it including decor, a color palette, and accessories that can make your room pop. 

Choose a Fresh Color 

We’ve said it before, paint is one of the most transformative ways to change up the aesthetics to any room. 

Paint covers the largest amount of square footage and can make such an impact. Choose a color scheme that is fresh and new, but yet can still coordinate with your furnishings and flow into adjacent rooms. 

large room with floor to ceiling window

Switch Out Older Decor

If your living room hasn’t been redone since the early 2000s, it may be time. Color trends, furnishings, wall art, and smaller accessories have changed so much in 20 some odd years. 

Take a look online at living room inspiration rooms on our portfolio page as well as the handy color chooser on Benjamin Moore’s website that allows you to see colors in a room before you buy. 

Choose some newer pieces of art, new (or new to you) furniture that fits your space, and try to liven up the room with some new kick knacks. 

Light It Up 

Don’t forget that the light in a room can also change the space by making it look more open, welcoming and spacious. 

While you’re hunting for the right color for the walls, consider the types and placement of your lighting. Will you have cozy lighting for your seating area, aerial lighting to illuminate the entire space, or better yet lighting that can be dimmed or turned up depending on the type of gathering you are hosting? All these things should be considered when redecorating your living space. 

Have fun refreshing your living room this winter. Let us know what colors you choose and how it came out! 


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