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Why Spring Is the Best Time to Power Wash

March 15, 2023

Spring is an extremely popular time for home improvement projects, especially for New Englanders who have been stuck indoors for the better part of four months waiting for the winter to pass. Power washing is one such home improvement that has an immediate impact and can transform the exterior of a home from dull and dingy to sparkling clean and refreshed. 

Spring is a particularly opportune time to power wash as there are aspects of the winter in Massachusetts that make this next season a good one for cleaning, not the least of which is the warming weather.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why spring is the perfect time for power washing the exterior of your home. 

Shed Winter Grime 

Winter in these parts has so many positive aspects such as the cozy feeling of curling up by a fire while the snow gently falls outside. Or, for outdoor enthusiasts, winter is a time to ski, snowboard, and get out and enjoy the thrill of flying down a mountain. 

Sadly, winter also brings unsightly build-up of dirt and grime on homes. In fact, many homes have salt residue that can make their exteriors appear dirty. Add to that the leftover leaves and debris from fall and homes can look less than stellar by the time spring rolls around. For homes that have mold or mildew issues, winter was a time that the issue could go unchecked. 

Power washing each spring brings an opportunity for homeowners to remove all that grime, salt, mold, and mildew that accumulated over the last few months. The service can have your home or business looking fresh and new just in time for spring! 

Reveal Winter Damage 

Power washing each spring often enables homeowners to take a hard look at the exterior of a home inch by inch. As our team cleans the outside of your home, we make note of problem areas that need to be repaired. For instance, if we notice rotting wood, peeling paint, or loose siding, we will inform homeowners of the circumstances so they can take action before the situation deteriorates further. 

Reduce Allergens

There is one more reason why power washing each spring may be a good choice for your family. The act of cleaning the exterior of your home can wash away allergens that can bother many people. 

Grass, pollen, budding trees, and blooming flowers can be a nightmare for people who are allergic. Power washing a home can help remove some of the dust and pollen that may irritate noses, throats, and respiratory tracts. 

Talk to our team at Jerry Enos about our power washing services and learn how this spring may be the perfect time to schedule an appointment. 


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