Fall - The Perfect Time To Paint

Why Is Fall The Perfect Painting Time? 

October 6, 2023

Could there be a more perfect season than fall in New England? The trees alone are simply picturesque and reminders of the beauty of nature all around us. Then there’s the crisp apples, pumpkin spiced drinks, and the weather is divine after a summer of humidity. 

Fall isn’t just perfect because of the fun activities and warm drinks. The weather makes fall the perfect time to paint your home, both the exterior and the interior. 

Let’s explore more on why fall is the perfect time to paint your home so you can get started transforming your space. 


Ideal Temperatures 

Paint needs time to adhere to any surface. The higher the temperatures the longer paint may take to adhere and cure properly to any surface whether it is an indoor project or exterior project. The more moderate the temperature is, the higher the likelihood there will be improved integrity of the paint application. 

Additionally, wild fluctuations in temperatures, as seen during the spring and summer, can sometimes be counterproductive to paint drying properly. This doesn’t even take into account the concept that the hotter it is, the harder the working conditions will be for your painting team. 

Mild and consistent temperatures make fall an optimal season to paint. 

Lowered Humidity 

Summer in New England tends to be tropically humid at times. These conditions can negatively impact the exterior paint application or at the very least, slow the drying time and make the project take longer. 

Lower levels of humidity can help during the drying process and also make working conditions more ideal for your painting crew. 


Lower Chances of Rain 

According to the Farmers Almanac, fall in New England tends to be a season that sees less rainfall. Rain is typically more abundant and widespread during the spring and summer in our region. Thus we have another reason why fall is perfect for painting. 

Perfect Painting Conditions 

While it’s important to consider the drying process and how it may impact paint adhesion, it is also important to consider the working conditions of those painting your home. Fall tends to be a more comfortable season with lowered humidity and temperatures thus making it perfect for these types of projects. 

More Scheduling Flexibility 

Many painting companies find that spring and summer are their busiest seasons. That means you may have a better chance of scheduling your painting crew in the fall. That also goes for the winter when painting moves to interior spaces until the weather improves. 

If you’re reading this and thinking your home may need a refresh either within the home or for your home’s exterior call Jerry Enos Painting to schedule a free estimate and schedule your project before winter is upon us. 

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