Why Is Choosing a Paint Color So Hard? 

February 12, 2020

This is probably the number one complaint from homeowners who have decided to refresh the interior or exterior of their home with paint. “Why is choosing a color so painful?” Honestly, there are actually several factors that may be causing this seemingly simple decision to become one that is excruciating. 

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The Problem

First of all, the number of paint choices can be overwhelming. Benjamin Moore has over 3,500 color choices alone! Most homeowners start looking at a wall of swatches that can only  add to the confusion. 

Secondly, many homeowners go into the task of choosing a paint color with some seriously unrealistic expectations. The DIY television shows make it look so simple. Choose a color, prep the room, and voila, you are done by the end of the weekend! The process of painting needs to be taken in steps, and starting and completing a project in one weekend, including making the color choice, probably isn’t going to happen. 

Lastly, many homeowners don’t take into account other components of the paint color decision process. For example, choosing a color is really just part of it. Now you have to choose what sheen and how it will coordinate with adjoining rooms, furnishings, and accent colors. Plus, it’s a really good idea to see how a color looks during different times of day and in both natural and artificial light. 

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We agree that choosing a paint color can be difficult. The process can be made a bit easier if you follow some guidelines. Here are our suggestions that may help. 

  • Look for inspiration from items you already own such as a blanket, painting, picture frame, or keepsake from a vacation. 
  • Narrow your color choice to three and then play around with shades that are slightly lighter and slightly darker. 
  • Use a tester sample to paint a larger swatch on the actual wall and see how it looks. 
  • Use the tester to determine what sheen may be best for the room. Keep in mind higher gloss is better for high traffic areas. 
  • Ask for help from color experts who can point you in the right direction if you have an idea of the overall “look” you are going for. 
  • Consider how the color may coordinate with the adjoining rooms. This is especially important if you have an open concept home. 
  • If you have fallen in love with a color that seems too bold, consider using it as an accent color instead of your main color for the space. 

Still having trouble? Talk to our color specialists who can help you weed out options and point you in the right direction. Remember not to rush the process or you may get stuck with a color that you may not love. 


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