Where Do I Start When Choosing a Paint Color? 

September 21, 2021

One of the more challenging aspects of starting any paint project isn’t the prep of the room, moving the furniture, or painting the edges of a moulding. Rather, most homeowners claim that one of the more painful parts of starting a paint project is choosing the right color for their space. 

If you are a newbie at painting and need some helpful tips from painting veterans, you have come to the right blog. 

Here are a few suggestions of where to start, or at least questions to consider before you start your paint project. 

bright colorful crayons

Brainstorm Colors That Appeal To You 

Before you stand in front of the vast wall of color samples at your local hardware store and get utterly overwhelmed, we suggest thinking about colors that bring you happiness. 

Look for inspiration from items around your home such as a treasured blanket, cherished painting, or beloved piece of clothing.

Determine Objectives of the Room

Most homeowners have a goal in mind for a room other than changing the color palette. Some want to make a space look more open and airy, while others want to create a cozy, welcoming feeling. 

Depending on your ultimate objectives for the space you may want to choose a color that can help reflect that personality characteristic. 

bright sunny room

Take Adjacent Rooms Into Consideration 

Depending upon the style of home you live in, some rooms may be more visible to each other. Open concept homes give better line of sight to many of the rooms on the same floor. It’s in these instances that one should consider adjacent rooms when choosing colors. 

When rooms are more open and lead into each other it may be best to choose colors that coordinate well together. 

Personality Should Come Into Play

Every home has a distinct personality based upon the people who live there, the furnishings it is decorated with, and the color of paint that adorns the walls. 

Determine the personality of the room that you are painting. Do you want it to be cozy and warm or open and light? Check out this article on the personality of color and how you can showcase your personality within the walls of your home with a specific color palette. 

Once you have a few ideas of the colors you would like to look at, head to a Benjamin Moore Paint store in your area. They will be able to guide you to the right samples and encourage you to try out certain colors at different times of the day in the space you plan to paint. 


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