When To Choose a Warmer/Darker Color for Interior Rooms

December 9, 2020

The color of a room can set the entire tone of the space. The ambiance can be set with the colors, lighting, and decor chosen for the room. It becomes a careful balancing act between the lighting, colors chosen, and the main function of the room. Knowing this, how can homeowners determine when choosing a darker color palette is right for one of their interior rooms? Read on to find out about warmer color choices and how to determine the needs of your rooms. swatches for home painting

Traditional Thoughts on Color Palettes

According to a story published in SFGate HomeGuide, conventional wisdom on color choices have included the idea that the lighter the wall color, the airier and more spacious the room feels. So does that automatically mean the converse: that the darker a color, the smaller a room feels? No not exactly. 

Modern theories on colors for interior rooms, maintains that darker or deeper shades of colors can be absolutely stunning and make a bold statement. Deeper shades of blues, greens, brown, and reds can add depth to a room rather than open up a room. The choice is yours as to whether you want to create an airy feeling or a bold statement with your color choices. 

Warm Vs Cool Colors 

Warm colors such as yellow, orange, red, and combinations therein, tend to create moods of energy, positivity, and a sense of sunshine into any room. Cool colors such as green, blue, and purple evoke relaxation and calm. Which mood or feel do you want in your room? 

Whichever direction you choose for your room, be sure you test out the colors during various points of the day to see how the daylight plays with the color and the sheen you choose. InN addition, emotion may also be a factor when choosing a darker or warmer color for your inferior rooms. paint colors

Color Emotions 

According to the Spruce online, warm colors are associated with heightened emotions and passion as well as joy and playfulness, whereas cool colors make you feel calm, relaxed, and refreshed. Which color emotion would you like to evoke when entering a room? The decision is up to you! 

So, the question remains, what kind of mood, emotion, or feeling would you like to have when entering a room? Do the warmer or darker tones seem like the colors that will help you maintain a positive, happy energy or are you looking for something more suited for relaxing or calming. Check out our portfolio of rooms on our site and contact our team if you want to get started on your paint project. 


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