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What’s Trending This Year in Colors?  

August 12, 2022

Being trendy isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. But in the world of paints and color, sometimes following color trends has the potential to introduce you to a hue that you will fall in love with! 

In 2020, Benjamin Moore introduced us to its Color of the Year, a soft rosy hue called First Light 2102-70. I (along with thousands of others) have been obsessed with it since that time as an accent color as well as a color that shows so well in a bedroom, bath, or dining room. 

color of the yearColor of the Year 2022 

Fast forward two years through a global pandemic with homeowners everywhere making upgrades to their living spaces and the Color of the Year by Benjamin Moore is October Mist 1495. This gently shaded sage quietly anchors a space. It’s simply perfect! It’s relaxing and soothing. Everything we need after the last couple of years. 

color trendThe Color Trends 2022 Palette

If October Mist isn’t enough to have you running to the paint store, take a closer look at the Color Trends Palette 2022! 

With the exception of the powerful “Wild Flower,” the palette is luminous, earthy, and soft in color choices. Pale Moon OC-108 is one of my favorites, with its classic soft yellow tones that can make any room feel cozy and welcoming. 

Four other hues on the 2022 palette that you may enjoy for their touch of color are

  • Quiet Moments 1563 – ​​This color choice is a gentle mix of blue, green, and gray. According to Benjamin Moore, it results in a color that exudes tranquility and inspires quiet meditation.
  • Venetian Portico AF-185 – This color is rich and lush. It has an earthy neutral feel that evokes sunbaked clay.
  • A Hint of Violet 2114-60 – This color is exactly as the name implies – “an eye-pleasing lilac with a cool gray cast. 
  • Morning Dew OC-140 – Is it green or is it gray? This color makes you question whether you are seeing a cool gray or a gray-green color. Whichever you see, we’re sure you’ll love seeing it on your walls even more. 


Want to immerse yourself in some of these colors or other trending colors on the Color Trends Palette 2022? Play around with the technology on Benjamin Moore’s website. It allows you to see a hue in a room and with the trim color of your choosing. It’s like playing interior designer without having to commit to a color palette until you find one you adore. 

Whether you choose a trending color or one that speaks to your heart, Jerry Enos Painting can help make your painting project come to life. Call us for a free estimate and schedule your project soon. 




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