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Sunroom Makeover

What Color Should You Paint Your Sunroom? 

July 3, 2023

If your home has a sunroom, you probably know how lucky you are to have a space that can be thoroughly enjoyed during New England’s fleeting warmer seasons. A sunroom is like being outdoors and surrounded by nature without all those pesky mosquitoes or insects dive-bombing you. It is the best of both worlds for homeowners. 

Since it is such a treasured space in many homes and where people flock to enjoy nature and the sun while remaining indoors, it should be painted to reflect its honored position in the home. 

Here are three “looks” to consider and some recommendations on decor for your beloved sunroom. 


Light & Airy 

Many sunrooms take full advantage of southern sun exposure and let in lots of natural sunlight, thus earning them the moniker “sunroom.” If this is the case in your sunroom, consider going with a white or off-white that will keep the room light and airy. 

Remember that whites often have undertones of other colors like beige, gray, green, and purple. Test out your color swatches prior to painting to be sure the sun’s direct light does not amplify an undertone that you did not intend. 

Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace is a classic go-to white that elicits images of fresh cotton and pure silk. It will keep your space cool, fresh, and clean-looking as you spend your summer nights reading, relaxing, or gathering with friends in your sunroom. 

Take a look into Simply White, Cloud White, Calm, Swiss Coffee, and Wind’s Breath for a few of the top white paint for sunrooms. 

Warm & Cozy 

If you like the idea of keeping things neutral but white feels too stark or cold for your liking, consider using a color that is warmer such as creamy whites, beige, gray, or taupe. These colors give off a warmer glow, especially at sunset, and will have you snuggling up with a cup of tea on mild evenings to enjoy your sunroom. 

Benjamin Moore’s Hawthorne Yellow, Mannequin Crea, or Italianate are perfect choices in the warm color families that still allow the look of nature to seep into your sunroom. 

Quirky & Unique 

If these ideas seem ho-hum boring to you, then you may want to choose something a little off the beaten path for your sunroom. Bold color choices in the green or blue families can really play off nature’s colors! 

We love Benjamin Moore’s Ocean Air or Whispering Spring for blues and Kennebunkport Green or Georgian Green for our green family. 

Let us know what you choose and how you love to spend time in your sunroom! Talk to our team for a free estimate to revitalize your sunroom this summer. 


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