Upgrade Your Garage Floor with Epoxy

November 30, 2020

Since the start of the global pandemic, many homeowners have begun the task of cleaning their homes including forgotten spaces like basements and garages. This new found time to declutter and refresh our homes has led many to consider the usefulness of their garages that, until now have been underutilized. Now that we are all spending more time at home and creating better spaces, is now the time to upgrade your home’s garage with an epoxy floor covering? We think so!

Garages often become a dumping ground for tools, outdoor equipment, patio furnishings, and seasonal decorations. If you have been taking some time to declutter and clean lately and found some reclaimed space in your garage, now may be a perfect time to consider installing an epoxy floor covering. epoxy floors

Your Current Garage Flooring 

Professional grade installation of epoxy flooring can do wonders for your garage area especially if you want to make the area more utilized. Think about the flooring you currently have. Is it a dirt floor, cement, or pavement style? Each of these have some serious disadvantages including dirt, cracks, and an overall dingy looking appearance. 

An Epoxy Flooring 

Conversely, the installation of an epoxy floor can give a major facelift to your garage! The epoxy surface is so much brighter than any cement, dirt, or paved garage floor, thus giving your garage a brighter and more upbeat look than a typical garage. 

Epoxy flooring is known for being extremely durable, which is important in a garage where home workshops usually reside, and where cars and other equipment are usually stored. Additionally, epoxy flooring is naturally moisture and stain resistant, which makes it the ideal choice for garage floors that experience frequent leaks and spills. Think about our New England winters where deicers are commonplace and chemicals are used on our highways and roads. Epoxy flooring can handle all of it.

Epoxy gives a floor an even, polished look that is extremely easy to maintain and clean. In fact, many businesses and homeowners like that it can be installed quickly and in a variety of colors to suit your home/business color palette. 

Reclaim your garage this year with the installation of an epoxy flooring. It will brighten the space, create a more polished, clean look, and stand up to whatever you can spill or drop on it, even in the harshest of conditions. 

Talk to our team today about upgrading your garage space with epoxy. We promise you will love it and how it makes your garage become reclaimed space in your home. 


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