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Teen bedroom

Upgrade & Update Your Teen’s Bedroom 

May 15, 2023

The shift from childhood to the teen years can be filled with angst and major adjustments to life’s milestones. School responsibilities, friend groups changing, sports, clubs, first loves, first jobs, and the list of responsibilities and challenges can go on and on. One thing that should stay the same is the love and support from home through all the changes. 

Parents and teens themselves often want a tangible way to internalize these changes and maturity. One great way to mark the shift to the teen years is by upgrading your child’s bedroom from the themed colors or silliness of a typical child’s room to a more mature look for the teen years and beyond. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started on updating your teen’s bedroom. 

Think About Their Personality & Style 

By the teen years, most children (and almost all adults) have forged their own style. Their bedroom should be a reflection of that. 

Therefore, when upgrading your teen’s bedroom consider getting rid of the pastel colors from childhood and the toys that are no longer used and choosing a color palette that is more in tune with who they are as a grown person. 

For many parents, this shedding of the old and adding of the new can be a major adjustment. However, it can help you shift to thinking about them in a more mature fashion. We suggest choosing a paint color that shows off their personality and is something they will love for years to come. 

Consider Function 

Teens will need a space that is all their own where they can hang with friends as well as study and get homework completed. This means that while planning the space you will want to have areas that have different functions. 

There should probably be a desk area where all the technology can easily be plugged in and accessed. There should also be a relaxing area where friends can chat and gather. If the room is large enough, map out separate spaces. If it is a small room consider furniture that plays dual roles. 

Get Creative 

If your teen has special interests such as sports, art, music, skateboarding, or other hobbies, consider incorporating them into the overall design. For instance, add skateboards to the walls or a music note pattern to the walls. Do something creative to make it their space. 

Create Organization Spaces

Many teens find organization challenging. Create spaces where the organization is possible. Buy baskets, bins, and hanging systems that allow there to be a home for everything from their clothes to their books and from gaming systems to their favorite items. 

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