Touch Ups for Your Home’s Exterior 

July 8, 2020

Now that the summer months are here, and the weather is finally cooperating, it’s time to start thinking about the exterior projects you want to get completed this season. Gardening, landscaping, and even painting projects are probably on your “To Do” list. Touching up the exterior of your home can not only add value to your home if you ever decide to sell, it can add some positive curb appeal, and protect your home from decay and rot. 

Take a quick walk around your home. What do you see? Do you have any fading, bubbling, or peeling paint? Do your shutters or gutters need some attention? How are the railings on your stairs and the entryway doors faring after the winter? 

Chances are there many small projects that you may want to tackle over the course of the next few weeks. After the stay-at-home orders of the past months, many of us have realized that our home’s have plenty of areas that could use some attention. Now is the time to start. entryway

Entryway Touch Ups 

Front doors and the walkway leading up to the entryway of any home is one of the first areas that catches the eye. Painting your front door a bold color to contrast with the main color of the house can make a huge difference. Plant some colorful blooms on the walkway or front steps to add some pops of color and your front walkway will look fresh and new. 

Some simple ways you can make your entryway look new is by switching out an old mailbox or repainting the one you have to look new. In addition to this small change you may want to add a front welcome mat, a newly painted street number, or even a new door knocker to make the entryway look cohesive. 

Add Landscaping Elements 

Greenery bushes, hardy shrubs, colorful mulch, and flowering elements can add some serious punch to your landscaping. These additions to your yard can take your landscaping up a notch without costing much. With each organic addition to your landscaping you create a multileveled look to a sometimes one dimensional yard. 

Be sure to plan out where you want to plant each organic element in accordance to how much sunlight or shade the planting will need. Ensure that the irrigation will reach your plantings for ease of watering. landscaping

Painting and Repairing

If your home has visible peeling, fading, or bubbling paint, you will want to scrape, sand, repair, and repaint the area. Taking the time to fix and paint these small changes can transform any home from dull and worn down to new and appealing. 

If your home needs some serious work on the exterior, talk to our team about getting a free quote and get started on your outdoor projects today. 


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