Top Four Ways To Bring Out the Beauty in Older Homes

March 2, 2017


The New England region has some stunningly beautiful older homes dating as far back as pre-colonial times. The architectural features, spacious rooms and old era charm is one-of-a-kind and won’t be found in the newer construction that we have seen in the last hundred years. So how do homeowners highlight the beauty of their older home while keeping it functional for modern life? Here are our top four suggestions of how to bring out the beauty in older homes.

  • Choose Paint Colors from the Era the Home was Built – Bring out the style of what was already there by choosing colors that coordinate with the time period of the home. Do a little research at your local historical society and find out what colors were common in homes of your house’s era. Not only will it give you a great color palette to start from, but historical pictures may give you decorating ideas as well.


  • Refurbish Rather than Remove – Many older homes have some outstanding architecture that may have worn, cracked or peeling paint. Don’t get overwhelmed about scraping, removing and sanding down the molding or trim. Some homeowners throw in the towel and remove the older components of the home that give it the charm they so adore. Jerry Enos Painting can refurbish the beautiful detail work and make it come back to life!


  • Mix the Old with the New – If you have an older home that has limited lighting or outdated appliances and are considering gutting the kitchen or another room, reconsider. Don’t be afraid to mix in modern day items like a new set of appliances for the kitchen but keep the laundry chute or stove hood that add character and charm to the room.


  • Bring Out the Details – Many older homes have high ceilings with crown moldings, detailed trims around the mantel, or handcrafted banisters. Each of these details needs to be carefully handled during painting or staining. We have been nurturing older homes for decades at Jerry Enos Painting and can work with you to choose colors that will highlight the detail work in your older home.


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