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Top Colors For Kitchen Cabinets 

April 14, 2021

So you are finally ready to redo your kitchen. You have a few ideas in mind, such as changing up the wall and cabinet colors, switching out the hardware, and replacing older fixtures. These all sound like great ideas to get your kitchen cabinet transformation started in a cost-effective way. 

However, now that you know what you want to do, you need to choose the perfect colors for the cabinets and walls. What colors should you consider for this high traffic and often high moisture room? Let’s take a closer look.

kitchen cabinets

Why Refresh the Kitchen? 

To start with, why are you renovating your kitchen? Do you plan to sell? Are you just looking for a simple facelift? Or have you grown tired of the decor and color palette after many years of seeing the same old, same old? 

If you are planning to sell your home in the next couple of months (or even within the year,) you may want to consult a real estate agent that can point you in the direction of colors that home buyers are currently looking for in kitchens, in particular kitchen cabinets. Perhaps they will encourage you to go more traditional or choose neutrals that would appeal to a large audience. 

However, if you are redoing your kitchen for yourself, then that’s a whole new ballgame! Homeowners that have no plans to sell, but are transforming for their own enjoyment can take extra risk when it comes to choosing colors, especially colors for the cabinets. 

Lighten Up Your Cabinets: Whites & Off-Whites 

If your ultimate goal is to give your kitchen a facelift and lighten up the space, choose a color scheme where either the walls or cabinets are in some shade of white. This can give off the appearance of openness and a light filled room. 

Benjamin Moore has a wide variety of white and off white color palettes that can create a clean, crisp look for your kitchen. 

Go Bold With Color 

Colors such as navy, gray, and greens are some of the bolder colors that homeowners are currently choosing for their kitchen cabinets. 

One favorite of designers is Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy. It is deep and moody, but not so dark that you lose the beauty of the blue. It makes for an excellent choice for homeowners that have children who add to the high traffic within the room or cause smudges and fingerprints on cabinetry. A quick swipe of a warm, wet cloth and messages disappear on this darker choice. 

We suggest you check out the kitchen cabinet resource on Benjamin Moore’s site to help you choose a color that coordinates with both your kitchen and your personality. 

two-tones cabinets

Two-Toned or Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets 

A current trend in painting kitchen cabinetry is the two-toned look or also called the “tuxedo kitchen.” Tuxedo cabinets are kitchen cabinets that traditionally have a dark bottom color and a light upper color, frequently black and white (like a tuxedo). 

Many homeowners like this look because it can create a beautiful color scheme in your kitchen that can really make a statement. 

Need some inspiration or help choosing the colors that are right for your kitchen? Let our color specialists help you get started! 


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