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Tips to Keep Your Painting Area Mess Free 

September 1, 2022

What is the number one do-it-yourself home improvement project? Is it updating a kitchen or renovating a bathroom? Perhaps, adding a deck or patio to a yard? 

Nope! It’s interior painting! 

If you’re planning a paint project for one of your interior rooms, remember to plan ahead for potential messes that can occur when cans of paint are involved. In our years of experience as professional painters, we follow a few guidelines on how to ensure that floors, furniture, and fixtures remain spotless throughout the painting process. 

Here are a few ideas to keep your painting area mess-free. 

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Clean It Out 

Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen, living room, or bedroom that’s being painted, try to clear as much stuff out of the room as possible. This includes larger furniture, knick-knacks, and wall art. 

The fewer items that are in the rooms, the less chance you will have of being impeded by obstacles throughout the room or tripping over extraneous furnishings. 

Cover It Up 

If removing all the items in your rooms is not entirely possible, do the next best thing – cover it up with a tarp or sheet to prevent any drips or accidents from happening. This is often necessary when furnishings are too large or awkward to remove from a room. Center the items that can not be removed so that you can adequately work around them without too much trouble. 

We also suggest covering up fixtures such as hanging pendant lights, sconces, or other lighting items that can not be easily removed. A plastic bag or covering can help protect these items when ceilings are being painted or rollers are in the air. 

In terms of covering things up, the floor is one of the areas that should most certainly be covered by a painter’s tarp and taped to the floor. This will not only protect your floor from potential drips but will also keep the tarp from slipping or causing messy accidents. 


Start From the Top 

When painting a room start with the ceiling and work your way down to the floor. This prevents you from having to repaint areas if drips occur. 

Ceiling painting can be tricky if you load the roller too full of paint. So use a good amount but roll it in the tray a few times to get rid of drips that could occur. If a drip does occur while painting a ceiling, your protective cover on the floor and the fact that you will soon be painting the walls will prevent this accident from becoming a larger problem. 

Fix Spills Quickly 

It’s practically inevitable to have some drip or accident while painting. A surefire way to ensure that the spill does not remain or become a permanent part of your home is to have a damp cloth always available to wipe up these little accidents. Getting the drip while it’s wet is your best bet at removing it completely. 

Are you starting a paint project and it feels overwhelming? Would you prefer to have professionals take care of all the work? Call our experienced team at Jerry Enos Painting and we will schedule your project so that you can enjoy your new hue as soon as possible. 


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