The Dramatic Impact of a Two-Toned Room 

March 16, 2022

Choosing paint colors for a home’s interior can be extremely challenging, especially when you love so many colors. If you can’t settle on one color for your main living areas, then don’t. Plain and simple, don’t settle on just one. Instead choose two of your favorites and go with a two-toned kitchen, living room, or bedroom of your dreams.

You may be surprised to know that two-tone color palettes are useful not just for when a homeowner can’t make up their mind, but for a few other reasons as well. Let’s explore the reasons why and when to use two-tone colors in today’s blog. 

two-tone paint color

What Does Two-Tone Color Mean? 

Two-toned color play has become popular once again in home design and painting. The term two-toned refers mainly to using more than one color in a room such as a contrasting color on the trim work versus the main color being used on the wall surfaces. Other times a two-tone color palette refers to using coordinating or complementary colors on the main surfaces of a room such as using one color above a chair rail and another color below. 

Why Choose Two Colors? 

For a short while in the home design world, monochromatic was the look for more modern homes. In other words, choose one color and stick with it for all surfaces including walls, ceiling, trims and molding. Stark whites were popular using this style. 

However, many homeowners have come around to wanting more depth and attention to the details of their home and have begun to embrace two-tone colors in main living areas such as dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. 

Why are homeowners choosing these contrasting colors or complementary colors for their rooms? Here are a few reasons that may make you reconsider choosing only one color palette for your next paint project. 

Architectural Interest

Rooms that have two tones instantly draw their eye to the differences in colors. Many homeowners use contrasting colors on architectural details such as cathedral ceilings, archways, or or intricate dental molding around the room. One’s eye will instantly be drawn to those carefully crafted details and add a sense of depth and interest in the space. 

Inability to Choose 

If you have ever started on a paint project for your home, you know how hard it is to choose just one color or one shade of a color. By choosing two shades in the same color family, you will satisfy your need to have more than one color and create some interest in the space. Think about doing two tones on upper and lower kitchen cabinets, above and below chair rails, or in spaces that are large and need some form of separation like a bonus room. 

To Call Attention to Accent Pieces 

Do you have a few accent pieces from your travels or pieces of furniture that you adore and want to call attention to the color? Choosing a second color in your painting can help draw the eye to that focal point. Amazing what just a little paint can do! 

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