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Best colors for guest rooms

The Best Colors for Guest Rooms 

September 8, 2023

The calendar may only read September, but the holidays are fast approaching and we know what that means – an influx of house guests! 

The weeks between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are some of the busiest of the year. Many of these back-to-back holidays not only include gatherings with family and friends, but also include the addition of house guests such as parents, in-laws, and family members who want to share in these milestone events. 

This is the time to prepare your home for the guests who you plan to invite during this upcoming holiday season. Painting a guest room to update the space may be just the thing to make your visitors feel right at home. 

Here are a few suggestions of color pallets that may make your guest room warm and inviting. 

Guest Room Paint Choices 

Since the goal of rejuvenating a guest room is to make it as welcoming as possible, many homeowners choose tranquil and neutral colors to set the stage for a peaceful visit. 

Benjamin Moore Color Experts suggest several color pallets that allow for this welcoming atmosphere and tranquil environment. 

      Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic 

This pleasant neutral is “perfectly poised between warm and cool, light and dark—this nuanced neutral is the ultimate chameleon,” according to Benjamin Moore designers

This hue allows for crisp white sheets, white trim and a neutral color palette to be spread throughout the room. Benjamin Moore’s Shabby Chic is organic and can allow for a pop of color on the bed or around the room. 


Nothing says calm like a cool gray with undertones of blues and grays. Benjamin Moore’s Smoke almost invokes peaceful serenity as a guest enters their bedroom for their stay. 

Cushing Green

Cushing Green 

For those looking to bring a bit of the outdoors in, this pleasing green is flattering and has just enough color to make a guest room look and feel warm and welcoming. Play around with Benjamin Moore’s Cushing Green online and see how it could suit your guest room. 

Museum Piece

Museum Piece

This cool and neutral gray is simply a masterpiece in a guest room. The medium gray allows for a neutral backdrop and coordinates well with accent colors of a wide variety for throw pillows, blankets, and curtains. Museum Piece by Benjamin Moore is a perfect balance of cool and warm for any guest room. 

To view all of the suggested guest room pallets by Benjamin Moore visit their Guest Room Inspiration Page and start exploring the color palette you want to use. Use your time wisely as the holidays may seem far away but they are right around the corner. 


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