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Benefits of Commercial Painting

The Benefits of Commercial Painting 

August 10, 2023

What does the color palette of your workplace say about your business? Does the color scheme promote your brand? Does it need a refresh because it is looking worn? Does it portray a clean, organized, modern, and efficient environment? 

We are willing to bet that not many businesses understand the true impact that color choices and paint quality can have on a company, its consumers, and its workforce. Let’s review some of the reasons your business may want to consider contracting with a professional painting company to refresh your space either interior or exterior. 

Make A Solid First Impression 

Let’s face it, you only have one shot at making a positive first impression, whether that is on a client, consumer, or members of your own workforce. A workspace that has smudges, dirt marks, scuffs, or stains does not send a positive message about your business. 

If your company’s interior or exterior is showing any signs that it is time to refresh the paint, now is a good time to get started. Summer and fall tend to be some of the best months to paint as the weather cooperates. 

Attract New Customers 

There is nothing like a new exterior paint color to have visitors or people passing by exclaim “Oh look at that! That color looks great!” These remarks mean that your extended customer base has suddenly taken notice of your location, name, and services. A fresh coat of paint on your office or storefront can mean the potential for new customers to be alerted to your businesses. 

Promote A Business Brand 

Most consumers associate certain colors with a certain brand name. Coca-Cola brands itself with red and white, Home Depot claims orange, and Starbucks uses green and white just to name a few of the larger iconic brands. 

If your business associates its brand with a certain color or color scheme, consider using that color to paint your office/store even if it is merely an accent wall or architectural features. That color will soon become associated with your business. 

Boost Employee Morale 

A fresh coat of paint is just one way to boost the morale of your workforce. Having a clean, aesthetically pleasing place to work in can mean your workforce will look forward to the time spent at the office. 

It’s no secret that a positive workplace is closely tied to how well cared for the space is. Your employees may find that they are happier, more efficient, and more productive in a freshly painted space. 

Protect Your Investment 

Paint serves not just the purpose of an aesthetic look but can protect your investment by ensuring that the surfaces on the exterior remain protected from harsh New England weather such as storms, all kinds of precipitation, and major fluctuations of heat and humidity. 

Considering painting your commercial business? Talk to our professionals at Jerry Enos Painting to get started reaping the benefits of this service on your business, customers, and employees. 


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