The Advantages of Going Neutral 

February 6, 2020

Thinking about an interior paint project this winter? Choosing a color palette can be the hardest part of the process. Many homeowners settle on a neutral color. The reasons for this can be varied. Many have heard from friends that neutral colors will go with everything in their home, will not have to be repainted any time soon, is classic-looking, or, if you are moving soon, will appeal to the greatest number of home buyers. These are all great reasons. Let’s explore why neutral is not “settling” but rather a smart choice for today’s homeowners. 

selling a home

Neutral is Key To Resale 

Realtors are known for advising clients that are considering selling, that they should repaint rooms that have bold or unusual color palettes and choose a more neutral shade. The reason for this is because homebuyers will not be turned off by a color they don’t like. 

It is also important to give a potential buyer a clean slate to envision their furnishings and keepsakes in the home. If they are looking at a bright red accent wall, they may not be able to picture themselves in your home. 

Some buyers also keep a mental list of all the projects they will have to tackle once they move in. If your home has too many rooms that need work or paint, your house may not be in contention. 

Neutral Matches Everything 

Do you have colorful furnishings, art pieces, or paintings that need a neutral backdrop? This is one of the top reasons why homeowners choose neutral to begin with. If you like pops of color, such as on your furnishings, floor coverings, curtains, or wall hangings, you may also want to consider a neutral that can help show off these colorful items. 

neutral living area

Neutral Never Gets Old 

If you love to take risks, you may want to try an accent wall or some new paint technique, but keep the majority of the room neutral just in case you tire of the color of the accent wall. Many homeowners fall in love with a neutral grey or tan because they find that they never tire of it. They can change out furnishings and keepsakes and still be in love with a color palette. 

Neutral colors make the perfect base for designing a room around. Choose fun furnishings, window coverings, rugs, and throw pillows to make a space come to life. 

Do you need help choosing a color? Talk to our color specialists who can help you choose a color that you will be happy with for years to come. 

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