Spring Refresh for Your Kitchen Cabinets 

March 22, 2023

Do you have the itch to tackle home improvement projects this spring? Does your desire to remodel get overruled by your wallet? Then we have the perfect spring project that will satisfy your itch to improve your home while staying more in line with your budget. This project can transform your kitchen and make it look brand new – kitchen cabinet painting! 

Benefits of Painting Kitchen Cabinets 

There are many reasons why homeowners are choosing to paint their kitchen cabinets rather than take on a complete renovation project. 

For many, the expense of a full renovation project down to the studs is cost-prohibitive. For others, the layout of the kitchen might be fine but they want something to make the space look more modern, light, or new. That’s where painting your kitchen cabinets becomes the obvious choice. 

In general, there are a few benefits to choosing a cabinet painting project rather than a full remodel. 

  • Economical versus the cost of a full remodel
  • Takes less time than traditional remodels
  • Allows kitchens to remain in use
  • Many color options
  • Adds value to the home
  • Return on investment is high
  • More convenient for homeowners 

Trends in Painting Kitchen Cabinets 

Before you jump headlong into hiring professionals to paint your kitchen cabinets, you will want to take some time to explore all of the options currently out there for kitchens. Instead of choosing the typical white cabinets, you may want to explore some colors as well as styles that could bring your dated cabinets into this century. 

Add Color 

One trend that many homeowners initially struggle with but then are glad they chose is going with some color. Many choose the easiest path by selecting whites or grays for the cabinets. However, one recent trend is to choose a color such as navy blue, forest green, or deep gray for the cabinets. 

If your ultimate goal is to add personality then you may want to consider a color that will coordinate with the walls, ceiling, and potentially your appliances. 

Contrast Dark and Light Colors 

No rule says that your bottom cabinets need to match in color to your top cabinets. In fact, more and more homeowners are choosing what is called a “Tuxedo” look where the top and bottom have contrasting dark and light colors. This option gives a chance for architectural details such as tall cabinets, kitchen islands, or unique characteristics to shine in a contrasting color. 

One of our specialties here at Jerry Enos Painting is painting kitchen cabinets. We take the time to prep the wood, clean, sand, prime, and finally paint your cabinets the color you have selected. Not only will our professional paint job be aesthetically pleasing, but it also won’t have to break the bank in the process. 


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