Small Room Ideas to Create the Illusion of Space 

April 13, 2022

Do you have a small space that you don’t quite know what to do with? Small rooms, often used as guest rooms, home offices, and playrooms, are perplexing for a number of reasons including how to use the space efficiently and what color to use to make the space appear and feel larger than it is. 

If you are refreshing a small room in your home we have a few tips and tricks that could help you make the space more organized and feel just a bit bigger than it actually is. 

small room lighting

Use Light To Your Advantage 

Small rooms tend to get a bad rep for being dark and claustrophobic. It really doesn’t have to be that way. 

Use light colored shades and window coverings that can be fully pulled away from the window to allow maximum light into the room. Light always gives the illusion of space and openness. 

If there is little natural light in the room, add your own light with ceiling pendants, wall sconces and overhead lighting to illuminate the space as much as possible. 

Mirrors and Reflections 

One surefire way to make a small room appear longer, larger, and more open is to install a simple wall mirror that can reflect the wall opposite it. It is also helpful to have the items being reflected include simple items you may want to see more of, such as house plants, a wall of books, or other repetitive items. 

The mirror can also help reflect natural or ambient indoor lighting in your small room! You would be amazed how different a room can feel when it is well lit and the mirror adds some depth and space that wasn’t part of the original square footage. 

Color Choices 

There is a misconception in the painting and design world that in order to make a room appear larger that whites and light colors are the only choice. This is actually not true. 

Don’t be afraid to use color in a room that is a bit smaller. In fact, many designers encourage homeowners to choose a color and use it throughout the room, including the ceiling and floor coverings to create a monochromatic feel. This one color can create the illusion that the room is higher and deeper than it is in reality. 

Still, other designers recommend using color but in softer and lighter tones to not overweigh the room in color. Too much color saturation may make a room feel overburdened and thus smaller. 

A Final Thought 

We encourage homeowners to embrace the natural flow and size of their home’s rooms. Think outside the box. Maybe you want to play up the size of a room and make a smaller room embrace its coziness by choosing a darker color for a theater room or a family den. Take a good look around your home to determine what the room can become and utilize the light, color and organization of the room to create a space you can enjoy. 


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