Signs Your Interior Surfaces Needs a Paint Refresh 

November 18, 2020

How long has it been since you repainted your home’s interior walls and ceilings? Is the color palette “dated,” the paint chipping, or trim looking a little scuffed or worn down? These are all telltale signs that it may be time to give the interior of your home some TLC and a paint refresh that you’ll love for years to come. 

How Often Should a Home Be Painted? 

We often discuss with our clients that the length of time between paintings for the exterior of a home should be right around every five years. This often depends upon the elements that the home is dealing with, such as direct sunlight, saltwater ocean spray, winter storms, and the amount of rain and other precipitation. 

Interior surfaces are on a slightly different timeline, as those areas are not dealing with the elements of nature that the exterior of a home deals with. We often tell homeowners that between 5-7 years is a good timeline to follow unless there are visible signs of wear-and-tear, or a new color palette is desired. peeling blue paint

Signs Paint Needs a Refresh

The visible signs that your interior needs some attention include: chipping/peeling, scuffed walls & trim, stains, and/or fading paint colors. Here are some red flags that may mean it is time to repaint, and soon. 

  • Scuff marks often happen where shoes marks have worn the lower mouldings or possible where chairs or other furnishings have rubbed against the walls to create marks that are not easily removed. 
  • Peeling paint and chipping paint often occurs where paint was too thickly applied during the last paint project, or where water has caused the paint to bubble and flake off.
  • Direct sunlight can cause fading paint in areas where the windows allow for full sun coverage during the day. 
  • Cracking paint can happen due to extreme heat and cold spells or where the drywall has not been sealed appropriately. 
  • Wall and ceiling stains happen where water damage has occurred from a leaky roof, burst pipe, or clogged gutters. This problem should be repaired before repainting takes place. 

Each of these scenarios signal that the room or rooms in your home need a paint refresh. Whether the problem is caused by wear-and-tear, direct sunlight, poor paint adhesion, or water damage, be sure to have the areas repaired before you begin choosing paint colors and paint for the new paint project. Talk to our color specialists today about how to refresh the interior of your home using some paint and our professional painting services. 


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