Roller Lines, Drips, & Bubbles: How To Fix Painting Mistakes 

March 3, 2021

Are you, like the rest of the country, following the trend of home improvements during the pandemic? If so, you may need some help in fixing painting mistakes that happen when you have no training in home renovations. 

Painting is one of the top projects Americans are taking on during this time. While it is a fantastic way to transform any space in your home, there is always the potential for errors when you are new to the craft. If you find that you have some common painting problems such as drips, bubbles, and streaks, read on to find out how to rectify these issues. 

No matter how careful you think you are when you take on a painting project, there are bound to be some mistakes. Thankfully, barring some major calamity, most paint errors can be solved fairly easily. 

paint colors

Drip Marks & Stains 

If you tend to overload your brush or roller with too much paint, you may find that you create drips with each pass over the surface. If the drips are still wet when you notice them, the fix is quite simple. Roll or brush over the area to blend the drip into the rest of the paint. 

If the drip mark has dried and there is a raised area of paint, you will need to scrape or sand down the mark until it is smooth and repaint a final coat over the area. 

Drips that occur around windows are actually even easier to resolve. If the paint drip or splatter has occurred on the window, allow it to dry. Then, take a single-edged razor blade and carefully scrape off the paint. 

Paint Bubbles

Paint blisters or bubbles often happen as a result of a moisture or temperature problem. If the temperature is too warm or there is high humidity in the area where painting is taking place, the top coat of paint may have difficulty adhering to the surface below. 

To solve this paint problem you will first need to discover the root cause of the bubbling. If it is a temperature issue, then usually the area can be scraped and repainted with a coat of primer then top coat. If it is a moisture issue, you may need to dig deeper to find out how you can stop the moisture build up before you follow the same protocol of repair. 

pink paint and rollerRoller Marks 

There are several reasons why roller marks may occur on your walls. These streaks or marks could be caused by low quality paint or poorly made rollers. Be sure to invest in high quality equipment in order to have a professional looking paint job in the end. 

More often than not, the roller marks occur because the roller has not been loaded with enough paint or the paint supply on your roller has been exhausted. Finally, the marks could also be caused by a painter applying too much pressure on one edge of the roller. 

In any of these cases, there are some techniques to solve the problem of unsightly roller marks. Professional painters often wait until the paint is dry to determine if the streak will indeed show through. Many times a second or third coat can blend the line away. When this technique does not work, professional painters will sand the area and apply another coat to blend the line of the streak with the rest of the surface. 

Whether you painting mistakes include blisters, bubbles, drips, or streaks, you can always rectify the issue. Unfortunately, the solution may take longer than the original project called for. To avoid extra time, energy, and patience, call Jerry Enos Painting and we can take care of your paint project. 


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