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Repairs for Outdoor Areas

Repairs Keep Your Outdoor Entertaining Area Healthy

October 9, 2023

As fall quickly turns to winter in our region, it’s a good idea to take stock of our outdoor areas to ensure that they will be in good working condition next spring. One area that comes to mind that should be evaluated and repaired before the first snow falls is the deck or patio area. 

New England experiences such a range of weather phenomena from rainy cool springs to sweltering summers and back to mild falls. All that variability can do a number on the wood and stone structures in our yards. That’s why it’s critical to inspect and repair decking and patio areas every year. 

Here are a few ways you can keep your decking and patio areas in good repair and healthy until next spring. 

Power Wash Outdoor Surfaces 

A great way to clean and inspect your stone patio, walkways, and deck area is to give it a good washing with a pressure washer or power washer. The high-pressure nozzle and soapy mixture are enough to blast away grease, grime, dirt and debris that has caked on during the summer months. 

This process will also give homeowners a better idea of any damage that was done to the patio or entertaining area. For instance, as the deck is being power washed you may notice splitting wood or areas where rot has started. This will give you a chance to call in professionals to do their own inspection and make needed repairs. 

Power washing isn’t just for wood surfaces. You may want to power wash your driveway and walkways to clean them up before winter sets in. 

Jerry Enos Painting offers a power washing service that will help you assess the stability and level of maintenance your deck or patio area may need. 

Resealing & Repainting 

Depending on the type and materials on your deck, you may find that it needs to be repainted or resealed once any repairs are completed. 

Our team at Jerry Enos can use a floor machine designed specifically for hardwood to strip the deck of dead fibers to reveal the fresh, unsullied wood underneath. Then we use a high-quality coating that highlights the qualities of the wood. This will also protect the wood from moisture and the elements throughout the winter. 

Our process of sanding a resealing will bring out the natural beauty of the wood and protect it from anything Mother Nature can throw at it. 

Let us breathe new life into your deck or patio and make it spring-ready even before the winter begins! 



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