Ready to Refresh Your 3 Season Porch? 

March 30, 2022

These New England winters seem to stretch on forever some years. One way to counteract the winter blues is to start prepping for the spring weather. A few ideas that could help you get through these last few cold, wet weeks of winter is to plan out your garden, prep your landscaping tools, or refresh your 3 season porch. 

So many homes in Massachusetts have three season porches attached to the main structure that not only add square footage to a home, but allow homeowners to experience the benefits of being outdoors and indoors at the same time. 

Today’s blog is focused on ways you can refresh a three season porch so you can jumpstart your spring, when it finally arrives. 

What Is a 3 Season Porch? 

A three season porch, sometimes called a sunroom, is an extra room in a home that is not usually connected to the heating system of the house. Therefore, it is not a useful space during the winter months. Thus spring, summer, and fall are the optimum seasons to use this space. 

This porch is often covered with a roof, but has more open access to the yard or patio. Sometimes these porches have screened in windows, walls, and more of an open feel than other rooms in the interior of the home. 

Porch Refresh Ideas 

These three season rooms are frequently ignored or become storage areas until the weather becomes warm and the yard can be utilized once again in the spring. 

We are here to tell you not to ignore your three season porch this year and instead make it into an oasis you can enjoy after work, while entertaining friends, or just enjoying a cocktail at night. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

  • Paint the trim and main wall surfaces something that soothes you such as a comfortable color like Benjamin Moore’s Denim Wash to remind you of your latest tropical vacation or perhaps your favorite pair of bluejeans. 
  • Think outside the box by adding a ceiling fan and paint the ceiling a coordinating color that can bring nature inside. Think mossy greens like Benjamin Moore’s Saybrook Sage
  • Add accent items like a colorful rug, comfy ottomans to put your feet up after a long day, or oversized pillows on a soft but comfortable couch that fits the space. 
  • Choose adjustable seating that can accommodate one or two close friends or can be expanded out for larger group entertainment. Think poufs or stools that can easily be hidden away after use. 
  • Decorate using a theme such as a beachy feel, woodsy accents, or go with a more historical decor that can accent events from your region. 
  • Don’t forget the lighting! Since many three season porches do not have heat, they may also be lacking lighting. Add some electrical work to your paint project and make it so you can enjoy the space well into the late evenings of summer and fall. 
  • Make the space cozy with reading materials, a drink cart, and snuggly blankets to stay warm during those cooler spring evenings. 

What ideas do you have to refresh your three season porch? Drop us a line in the comments or on our social media channels


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