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Painting Resolutions for 2022

January 4, 2022

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s hope for a healthy and happy 2022 for all of our readers. To mark the occasion, we have decided to present to you our list of resolutions regarding all things painting. We hope you enjoy it! 

be smart

Resolution #1 – Make Smart Color Choices 

We know that a lot of homeowners stay up-to-date on trending interior colors with home improvement shows (think HGTV) and those color palettes are usually much beloved by those who choose them. 

We do want to warn our clients not to choose a color that is too trendy. Choosing a color that may not last more than a year could end up costing you time and money in the long run. 

While this step in the painting process is usually one of the most challenging, we suggest that you choose a color that is not only true to the personality of your household, but also recommended for longevity in the popularity department. Classic colors are always a safe bet. 

Avoid colors that you may only be choosing because it looked good in a friend’s home or made the top 10 list of colors for a specific year. Make sure you love the color for what it is now and how it will impact your home for several years to come. 

Resolution #2 – Don’t Take Painting Shortcuts

What are painting shortcuts you ask? 

Skipping the prep step, using sub-par tools or equipment, and rushing your paint project top this list of shortcuts you want to avoid. 

We know it’s tempting to skip over the step of cleaning the walls, and repairing any blemishes in the hopes that the paint will work its magic on your surfaces and make everything look ‘good as new.’ 

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. 

Take it from us – taking shortcuts will actually take you more time (and possibly money) in the long run. For example, if you think you can avoid taking off the wall switch plates and just cut in around your light switches and electrical sockets, think twice. You really don’t want to have to call an electrician because you accidentally got paint in the outlets! 

Always conduct a thorough prep of the room and walls that you are painting from covering the floors to dusting every nook and cranny of the room. 

paint roller

Resolution #3 – Use Primer 

Many DIY painters consider skipping the primer process in a room, especially if the color on the surface is light enough that they think the new color can cover it. 

Don’t do it. 

The purpose of the primer is not only to help cover previous colors, but to also to provide a clean surface where the new color can adhere to. High quality primer can not only cover blemishes and stains, but also form a binding layer that is better prepared to receive the paint.

Resolution #4 – Allow For Adequate Drying Time 

It may be tempting to start a second coat on a wall that hasn’t quite dried yet, just to get the job done faster. Not only is this a bad idea for aesthetics but it can also cause adherence problems. 

Allow for adequate time for each coat of primer and paint to dry. Otherwise you will potentially have tacky clumps of paint and streaks marking the areas that weren’t fully cured. 

What are your painting resolutions this year? We’d love to hear some of the errors you’ve made over the years and how you resolved to fix them. 


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