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Painting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 

July 6, 2022

The pandemic had many of us repainting rooms in our houses. Some of us did it more successfully than others. Some of us made some pretty common mistakes that experienced painters know how to avoid. 

If painting is on your To-Do List this summer here are a few tips on how to avoid frequent painting mistakes.

man painting a wall

#1 Not Prepping the Surfaces

This is a true rookie mistake. Walls, especially corners and trim should be wiped down and allowed time to dry completely. Painting over dust, grime, or even a random spider web is a good way to ensure that the paint does not adhere properly. 

Too many novices are so excited to get a color on the wall that they skip this important process. 

#2 Forgoing Primer 

Again, big mistake. Primer allows for a smooth surface for the main color to adhere to. Additionally, primer can cover up blemishes like stains, gouges, and small nicks on the walls. 

The primer should most always be used but it is clearly imperative when a lighter color is being used to cover up a darker color palette. 

flat brush

#3 Drying Time 

Most people who paint themselves are on a timetable to get the job done. Unfortunately, that means they may not leave adequate drying time. If you paint your second coat too quickly, it could result in peeling paint, clumps, or visible brush strokes. That would ruin all of your hard work. Follow the instructions on your paint can regarding drying time between coats. Keep in mind the humidity and overall moisture in the air. 

#4 Inadequate Amount of Paint 

We have all been there. We think a room will only take one can when in the end it needs slightly more. 

What’s the harm in this? Well, not usually a huge problem, sometimes paint mixtures are not 100%. That means when you head back to the store for another can to finish up, it might be slightly different. Always look at the measurements of your room to be sure you are buying enough. 

#5 Skimping on Tools

Your paint project is only as good as the tools you use. If you are using a roller than has seen better days or a brush that has a bristle or two that are askew, you may find that your end product is not as clean and crisp as you had hoped. 

#6 Protecting Your Room & Furnishings 

If you are taking on a paint project but don’t have the ability to move all the furniture out, you may be setting yourself up for a disaster. If large furnishings can not be moved, be sure to cover them and the floors around them in case paint drips during the process. Remove as much as you can so you can have room to move and get the job done properly. 

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