Making Small Spaces Seem Bigger

January 31, 2017

We have all heard the advice not to paint a smaller room a dark color. The reason behind this is that while darker hues may be design-friendly, they may also make a room appear smaller. But, this doesn’t mean that a small room, hallway or nook needs to be bland and boring either. No need to rush out and buy all the shades of white. Instead, here are a few creative ideas to make your size-challenged room feel and look bigger than it is.

  • Use Color as a Connector Instead of a Divider – Instead of painting a room a distinctly different shade than rooms connected to it or adjacent to it, consider colors that can unite all the rooms and make it feel bigger. Different colors can divide a space and make it appear smaller while coordinating shades can elongate or heighten a room when needed. Keep in mind that softer hues can make a space seem more open, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay in the white color category.
  • Use Furniture Wisely – Many homeowners try to make a room feel more spacious by shoving all the furniture to the walls. Sometimes floating a sofa in a den or bed angled in the middle of a guest room can breathe air into a space and allow for flow around the furniture. Get creative about placement that allows for flow and movement.
  • Use Trickery – Mirrors can make a room appear a lot bigger. The reflection can not only add some depth to a space but can also help reflect more light into the room. Use a long wall mounted mirror if space is really at a premium or smaller framed mirrors for a design element.
  • Use Multi Functioning Furniture – Invest in furniture items that have more than one function such as footstools as extra seating or built in bookshelves as a storage and a display area. Finding a way to multipurpose items can mean your room can serve you in many ways.
  • Go Monochromatic – Use one hue to open and expand a space. Use varying tones or textures of the same color family to make a monochromatic look that will allow all the different planes to blend into each other.

Do you have a small space that needs a new color palette or design? Call Jerry Enos Painting and we can consult with you on how to make that space come alive and feel more spacious than it is.

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