Making a Hallway Warm & Welcoming 

January 18, 2023

What’s the first place you visit when heading to a friend’s home? Their front hallway of course! Depending on your level of friendship, this is where you will greet each other, hang your coat, and potentially leave your shoes until it’s time to leave. 

While this area may be one of the most frequently traveled spaces in any home, it is often one of the lowest in priority when it comes to decorating, painting, or renovating. That’s where we come in. 

Let’s take a closer look at a few simple things you can do to make your hallway or entryway warmer and more welcoming when friends or family pay a visit. 

hallway decor

Set the Tone With Paint 

Let’s face it, your entryway sees lots of traffic and probably has lots of scuff marks, fingerprints, and chips of paint where coats are hung over and over again. It’s a busy place that may need some tender loving care. 

Paint can be one of the first ways you can start to transform your hallway to make it look more appealing and create a sense of warmth and welcome. Remove all of your coats, backpacks, purses, shoes, and winter weather gear, and get started making this space one that looks fresh and new. 

Depending upon the flow of your home, you may want to consider the other color palettes in the adjoining rooms and choose a color that will coordinate with those. 

Storage Ideas 

The entryway is where everything seems to get dumped, especially in the winter weather when we wear many layers of clothing and have multiple shoe options depending on the precipitation being thrown at us. 

Start the refresh of your hallway or entryway with some new storage that both fits your space and provides storage space for each item. Many families like coat hangers or cubbies for each child while others prefer baskets that are easy to store under a bench that doubles as a place to tie those winter boots. 

If you have off-season items in your hallway remove them so there are no ‘extras’ hanging out in what is probably a very tight space, to begin with. 

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Floor Coverings 

A plush carpet or runner can make any place feel cozier and welcoming, especially if you’re kicking off winter boots when you arrive. 

If you love your hardwood floors, consider protecting them this winter season with some temporary rugs that can stop all the salt, de-icers, and traffic from making your hardwood appear old. 

Warm Lighting

While most front hallways and entryways tend to have overhead lights meant for merely illuminating the area, consider adding a small table to your hallway and use ambient lighting to make the space have a soft glow rather than the harshness of overhead lighting. 


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