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Living Room Easy Updates

Living Room Easy Updates 

May 10, 2023

Other than the kitchen, the one room that we can count on our family to gather together is the living room or family room. We spend holidays and birthdays together in this room. We spend evenings watching movies, and afternoons chatting about our days in this pivotal room in our home. 

With all that use, it is no wonder that many families choose to update this space every few years to make it feel refreshed and new. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish a new look in a cost-effective manner. 

Paint A New Color 

Painting a space is not only visually transformational but it can be completed for little money in as short as a weekend. A new color can brighten the living room and make it more cohesive with the decor that is already in the space.

Since the walls and ceiling are such a large surface in the room, a change in hue can give a much-needed facelift to a sometimes overused space. It also gives a chance to cover up water stains on the ceiling, smudge marks on the walls, and a fresh new look on the trim. 

Replace Window Treatments 

How long have you had the same curtains or window treatments? If it’s been many years, it might be time for a change. New window coverings can be an easy swap out and can allow for a lighter and airier look to the space. The more sun in the room, the brighter and more welcoming the space will appear. 

For homes with specialty-sized windows such as bay windows, you may want to consider keeping the same hardware as specialty sizes can get expensive. 

Update Lighting 

We all know that the lighting in the room plays a major role in creating a mood. If the lighting in your living room has not been modernized, consider this your chance to update it and bring new light into the space. 

If new lighting fixtures are not within the budget, consider using cost-effective lightbulbs that can bring a brighter glow to your room, or possibly new lampshades that allow for a lighter look. 

Change Out Furnishings 

If your budget allows, try replacing worn or dated furniture with something more modern and sleek. If your budget is tight, try rearranging the furniture or swapping out furniture from other rooms to give the space a newer look. 

If new furniture isn’t in the cards at all, consider some new throw pillows or blankets that can bring a pop of color to your couch or chairs. A few baskets around the room for books or shows can help keep the space organized as well. 

If you’re looking to update your living space and considering paint as an option, talk to our team about scheduling and a free estimate


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